‘A Gift From Above’: Dorothy is a God-fearing woman who her kids love and admire more than anything in the world

Dorothy Price is a woman who is so full of strength and perseverance. She is a mother, grandmother and great grandmother who is always there for her family. Plus, at 82 years young, she looks good in doing so!

Dorothy has five children, 13 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren, and there has not been a day that has passed in which she has not been there for them. No matter what is going on in her personal life, there is nothing that comes before her family. And they appreciate her for this.

“We admire Mom’s strength and perseverance,” Dorothy’s family and friends said. “No matter how hard times got, or how sick she felt, she always mustered up the strength to face the challenges head-on, and most of the time it was with a smile.”

It is not too often you will find Dorothy without a smile on her face, and her children love that about her.

At any gathering, you can always count on Dorothy to get a game started. She loves to play cards – Farkle and Sequence to name a few – and she is a fierce competitor who doesn’t like to lose.

They also love her work ethic and her dedication to everything she does. Dorothy’s personality is something that is truly amazing, and that is why her kids all look up to her.

“One of the most important things we have learned from our mom is how to work hard,” her family and friends said. “That was instilled in us at a young age, and it continues to drive us to be hard workers, even today. We have learned how to love, be forgiving, and be kind from our mom.”

Dorothy has a great big heart, and that is something that has always stuck out. She wants what is best for others at all times, and that is why so many people love being her friend.

A big part of what shapes her and her personality is her faith, so it should not come as a surprise that Dorothy treats others right. She believes that if you put God first, everything else will fall into place. And her children have always appreciated that about her.

“Over the years I have learned to keep God and family first,” Dorothy’s family and friends said. “Make sure you laugh a little. And if you’re cleaning, make sure to get the corners or don’t bother cleaning. I love to carry on the tradition of making noodles from scratch along with pies for large family gatherings.”

Dorothy is a cleaning fiend, and whether all five of her kids have taken after her in that regard is still up for debate. But what is not up for debate is Dorothy’s outlook on life. She is an extremely positive, happy person, which has always stood out to her kids.

Plus, as her loved ones said, her mom is a wonderful cook. She makes such great meals all the time, and you never leave Dorothy’s home feeling hungry.

“Grandma cooks the best food,” Dorothy’s family and friends said. “Her noodles and cookies are the best. You can taste her love in them. She can clean any mess you can make too. Plus she always wants to include everyone and will give you anything she has and will be your biggest cheerleader.”

Dorothy’s support for others is completely unmatched, especially when it comes to her family. Whether you are talking about her children, grandchildren or great grandchildren, Dorothy is always there for them. She loves them and is their biggest source of support.

In that, Dorothy has always shown her family what family truly means. She has been a role model for how to prioritize family, and that is simply remarkable.

“She has always encouraged us to be a close family and showed this by example,” Dorothy’s family and friends said. “She is always available to talk to about the good, the bad and the ugly. Our mother has always been our favorite babysitter, whether it be for our children or our pets.”

Dorothy is not afraid to spoil her grandchildren and great grandchildren either. She loves to love them, and said love is unconditional.

Dorothy’s ability to be there for others is also off the charts. She is someone that anyone can get along with, and it is no wonder why people like to call her a friend.

“I think I speak for many when I say my mom is a very special person,” Dorothy’s family and friends said. “She rarely meets a stranger; she is friendly and kind. She means the world to us for everything she has done and taught us..”

No matter what, everything always circles back around to family when it comes to Dorothy. She is the best mom, grandma and great grandma in the world. Her family loves and adores her for a reason, and they are super appreciative of her.

As she turns 82 years young, let’s celebrate and appreciate Dorothy. She deserves it.

“She is so full of grace and her faith in God remains strong. Her wisdom is a blessing we all share. Her love for us is so strong and pure. She never ceases to inspire us. Her presence is a gift that never ends with all people she comes in contact with.” – Dorothy’s loving family and friends

‘A Gift From Above’: Dorothy Price

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