‘The Air I Breathe’: Chamika is everything to Anthony, and he loves her so much

Chamika Wright has a good heart, a great attitude and a love for life, and her husband Anthony is grateful for all she does.

One of the things that makes Chamika the amazing woman that she is is her heart for people, particularly for those less fortunate.

For starters, she works for the school system as a behavior specialist. She helps students out when they are acting out or struggling with anything, and she is always there for them.

But more than that, Chamika is also a mom. She loves being a mom so much. It is something that makes her tick, as getting to make a world of difference in those children’s lives is so heartwarming to her.

Being a mom brings a smile to Chamika’s face, and her husband Anthony is so proud of the amount of love she exudes on those kids each and every day.

“She came up to me one day and said she wanted to foster some kids,” Anthony said. “It was something she really wanted to do. We went through the process of being foster parents. It just made her world. She would always say yes when the foster people asked if we wanted to take them on. She has so much love for kids. We saved a lot of kids’ lives. My wife absolutely loves it. She does everything she can for the children. She watches them grow up.”

Chamika loves Shaun, Latanya, Diandre, Skyye, Sade, Sabriyyah, Safiyya, Zionna, Akie and Ziarri so much. She treats them oh so well and would do anything for them.

Chamika is also an extraordinary wife. While she spends so much time taking care of all the kids, she spends a lot of time taking care of her husband. She means the world to him, and Anthony cannot imagine his life without her.

“My wife means a lot to me,” he said. “My life is not right without her. I always describe my wife as this: in chess there is the queen and the queen is the most powerful piece on the chess board. She protects her king. You can’t play chess without the king, but you can play it without the queen. She means a lot to me and I to her. She means everything.”

Chamika is Anthony’s queen and Anthony is Chamika’s king. They complement each other very well, and they make each other better people.

They have also made so many great memories together over their 20-plus years of being together, and Anthony knows that they are each special because of who those memories were made with.

Overall, Anthony knows his life is the way it is because of Chamika, and he is grateful for it. He is grateful for her awesomeness and how loving and caring she is toward everyone, and he is grateful to call her his wife.

“Listen, you never go to bed mad. When you and I have a little argument we never go to bed mad. I want you to know that you are my life and I wouldn’t have a life without you and I couldn’t breathe without you.” – Anthony

‘The Air I Breathe’: Chamika Wright

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