‘A Gift From Above’: Nicole Bucci loves people and she loves God, and Stephen is glad he is in her life

If you have ever heard Nicole Bucci’s singing voice, then you have probably been blown away by it.

For Stephen Johnson-Shea, he gets to hear her sing more often than anyone else, and yet he is still blown away every single time. He will tell you his girlfriend has the voice of an angel, and no one will refute that statement.

But that is not the only thing that is angel-like in Nicole. On top of having a stellar voice, she also has a heart of gold. Nicole does everything for other people and has a sense of selflessness unlike any other, and that is just one of the many reasons why Stephen loves her as much as he does.

“Nicole is the most caring and warm-hearted person on the planet,” Stephen said. “Ever since I met her two years ago, I have yet to meet and probably will never meet someone who so selflessly gives her time and energy to others. She is constantly going out of her way to care for her friends and me in every way imaginable. She blesses all of us who are around her. She makes my life and her friends’ lives better.”

Nicole is truly self-sacrificing, and a big reason why is her heart for God. This Jersey Italian is a Christian through and through, and her faith is a big part of who she is. Her faith drives her to treat others well, and it is also probably a big reason why she is as hardworking and amazing.

“Her heart for the Lord is incredible,” Stephen said. “Her selflessness and sacrificial heart are rivaled by none. She has a beautiful singing voice. She has incredible eyes and a smile to light up the night sky. Her laugh is contagious. Her mind is absolutely brilliant. She’s a great dancer and linguist. She’s a great teacher and an even better listener. Nicole is amazing with kids and caretaking. She’s great at loving others. She gives great prayers too.”

Nicole’s personality is truly extraordinary. She loves hard, cooks exceptionally, snuggles well and can paint a great picture too.

Plus Nicole is a great, complementary partner to Stephen. She has made many great memories with him – from her first trip to Waffle House to her knowing the lyrics to Dirty Rap Song – and she has been a life-changer for Stephen. He says he has learned so much from his awesome girlfriend, and he appreciates all she has to offer.

“She helps me be a better person by continually showing me her heart for the Lord and praying for me to have a softer heart,” Stephen said. “She shows me how to love others in ways that I normally wouldn’t have considered on my own. She makes me want to push harder and be uncomfortable in order to improve. She challenges me but does it in a loving way that lets me know that it is out of genuine care for me.”

Nicole also knows how to live life to the fullest. She lives for the Lord and she also makes life fun for everyone around her. Nicole’s smile can light up all of Vines Center and her heart can lighten any mood.

It is no wonder that Stephen loves this woman as much as he does, and he is so grateful that their paths aligned. Life with Nicole is a lot more amazing than life without her, and he cannot wait to see what is in store for their future.

“Nicole, I want you to know that I love you. You have my heart and you are the most incredible person I have ever met. When I came to Liberty, I had no idea that someone like you existed, let alone was real. Every moment that I have gotten to spend with you I have loved and cherished it all. I am proud of you beyond words and you are the most incredible woman I have ever known.” – Stephen

‘A Gift From Above’: Nicole Bucci

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