‘A Special Woman’: Full of humility and faith, Michelle is adored by her family

Michelle Hayden is a committed, loving individual who is appreciated by her family and friends.

Born in Bellingham and raised in Lynden, Michelle has stayed true to her roots. Ever since her parents, whom she always adored, moved her brother – with whom Michelle has a wonderful relationship – and her to Lynden, that is where Michelle has always lived.

From being a cheerleader in high school to getting married and raising her three daughters in the same area where she grew up, Michelle has always been fond of where she came from.

That does not mean that she does not like to get out and explore, though, as traveling is a big part of who Michelle is. In fact, the Hayden clan is actually said to have a Disneyland and Mexico addiction.

But what is more important than getting out and traveling is spending time with the people you love. And that is exactly what Michelle does on a daily basis. She loves her family more than anything, and her family appreciates this love Michelle has for them.

“As my daughter, Michelle represents to me everything wholesome,” her mother Ricki said. “Her joy, her love for life, her love for her family, her faith and always being her best for everyone.”

Michelle has always prioritized her family in particular, and that includes her mother. Ricki is proud to see the wonderful family woman her baby girl has grown up to be, and she is grateful to call Michelle her daughter.

On top of this, Michelle’s extended family all love her and were more than happy to accept her as their own family.

“When Michelle married my brother, she truly became my real sister and dearest friend! I have always appreciated her warm smile, her sweet sense of humor and her caring heart,” Michelle’s sister-in-law Amanda said. “She laughs with me and she also cries with me… and for me. She is someone I can call at any time (day or night), someone who would drop EVERYTHING to come running if I (or my family) needed her.  She means so very much to me, but also to my children too.”

And apparently Auntie ‘Chelle gives the best hugs and always greets her nieces and nephews with a smile and a laugh. She cares so much and invests her time and energy into loving her family.

Michelle is also someone who is very selfless and has a well-rounded personality. She is particularly fond of all animals, and you can tell that her care and compassion is not just shone on people.

“She has a love of animals,” Michelle’s husband Bob said. “But she does have an unreasonable fear of spiders.  if it was up to her, we’d live in a zoo.  She just loves them all.”

This love of animals is something that stemmed from the early stages of Michelle’s life. She has always had a keen ability to care for animals, and has always taken a special interest in them.

“From early on as a child, Michelle has had a tremendous love for animals and the outdoors,” Rikki said. “We went on many fishing campouts all over the PNW. As she got older, we have shared many vacations to Mexico and Hawaii with great memories snorkeling, swimming and hiking.”

On top of having a love of animals, Michelle just has an admiration for the great outdoors. She loves to get out and explore, and her sense of adventure and nature runs rampant.

On the more personal side of things, Michelle has the special ability to connect with people. It cannot be said enough how deeply she cares for others, and it is something that is truly genuine.

“Michelle has the unique ability to empathize and listen to others,” Amanda said. “It is no wonder she has so many friends… She is a gift to all of them! She has taught me to stop, acknowledge, appreciate and support others. The way she serves her family and her friends is a testimony to her character. She is God-fearing, humble, kind and honest. She celebrates the victories of others, and she also cries tears with them for their pain. That is such a special trait.”

The way Michelle treats others is a big testament to her faith. She takes pride in her belief in God, and it is something that is truly a huge part of her.

All of her beliefs and values are wrapped up in her God-fearing faith, and that is remarkable.

“Her faith is a big part of her,” Bob said. “I think it might be the foundation of how and why she treats others the way she does. She’s got a big heart for missions trips. She’s going back down to an orphanage in Mexico this spring with a group from our church. Caring for others is the foundation of who she is and is a big part of her.”

Amanda also talked about how Michelle’s the most giving person you will ever meet. She has a servant’s heart and is constantly praying for people and running errands for those in need.

If you need anything, you can count on Michelle to have your back and “help ease burdens.”

The way Michelle treats others also feeds into the way she treats and raises her daughters. Abby (21), Carly (19) and Reese (16) all count on their mom in times of trouble and times of triumph, and they know she is always going to have their backs.

“She has always thought of others before herself,” Bob said. “She has raised three beautiful daughters and has been successful in instilling in them the same generous heart she has always had. She is the best at taking care of all of us and has ‘created’ our home.”

“She has enabled her daughters to develop and mature to their own high level,” Rikki added. “She encourages each one and is a tremendous role model for them. She exudes so much care, love and positivity.”

Michelle is the type of mother that is never going to waver in her love and support. Being there for her daughters is a huge part of who she is, and that is what helps make her such a tremendous person.

It is also no wonder that Michelle is as appreciated as she is. Her family, friends and everyone in between are thankful for her, and they celebrate her every day.

“It doesn’t get said as much as it should be, but I want her to know how much she means to me (and our daughters). I love her and couldn’t do life without her.” – Bob

a special woman

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