Small in stature but larger than life

A loving mom who would do anything for the people she loves, Maggie Blank Dunning lights up the lives of everyone she meets, especially her family. 

Her husband, Ben, said Maggie does everything she possibly can to help her friends and family, adding that she is the best mother to the couple’s twins, Robert and Reagan.

“She is the most caring person I know,” Ben said. “She is the most courageous, gentle, loving mother. She would do anything for our kids.”

In fact, Maggie literally saved her son Robert’s life when the family was recently involved in a terrible ATV accident. Ben and Reagan walked away without a scratch, but Robert was injured, and Maggie stayed by his side every day at the hospital while he recovered.

“I admire her courage, strength, intelligence, beauty, humor, never give up attitude. She is the strongest woman I have ever met,” Ben said.

When she is not Wonder Woman, Maggie’s day job is as a Mortgage Lender, where she goes above and beyond to help her clients. Outside of work she loves to go on the family boat, do carpentry and work on her favorite thing, her koi pond. 

The couple met at Wing Fest at Shelter Cove Park on Hilton Head Island. Ben smiles as he remembers seeing her across the way at the Triangle wearing a red and white striped dress. 

“I could not take my eyes off of her,” Ben said.  “I knew at that moment she was the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.”

He said he will always remember the fun they had on their honeymoon in Mexico, where they climbed the pyramids, went snorkeling and swam with dolphins. 

A story that best describes Maggie’s larger than life persona is when after a daylong party called “Sugarfest” at their home, she surprised everyone by busting out a unicycle and riding it around the cul-de-sac.

“Maggie is small in stature but bigger than life,” Ben said. “She puts everything she has into everything that she does, and she is one of the most badass human beings on the planet.”

Ben said that Maggie is the best thing that ever happened to him and the kids, adding that she has given his life purpose. 

“Maggie is the love of my life,” Ben said. “She has sacrificed so much for our family, and she never asks for anything in return. She is a beacon of hope for our family. She is the most loving caring wife/mother. Maggie, ‘til my last day, I’ll be loving you.”


small in stature but larger than life

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