#1 Mommy And Wife: Jennifer is more than appreciated in the Frankel house

When you talk to anyone about Jennifer Frankel, you can tell just how much love she has for her family.

This is especially true when you talk to her husband and kids.

Jennifer Frankel is a number one loving mom to her children, Spencer (10) and Addison (9), and a loving wife to her husband Brett. She is a working mom, but makes sure that the time she spends with her family will be a memorable one, one that will remain with the kid for the rest of their life

“I like to get ice cream with her,” Addison said. “I also like to go to basketball games and get my nails painted with her.”

“I like when she takes me to school,” Spencer added. “I also like to talk sports with her. She takes me to restaurants and she takes me to my basketball games, and after them we can talk about the game.”

These are the moments that are important to kids their age, and they are moments Spencer and Addison will remember for years to come.

Spencer will always remember the time his mom took him to school, to his basketball and football games, to his favorite restaurants, helped him with his homework, and the times they were able to sit down and talk to each other and watch TV together. 

Addison will always remember the times she took her to school, to basketball games, helping her with her homework, getting food at McDonalds, baking, cooking and doing her nails for her.

She does so much for them, and when Jennifer and the kids are together, there is a bond between them that you would not want to try to come between. They are the most important people in her life, and they know that they can count on their mom for anything, and Brett will tell you he always knew she was cut out to be a mom.

Jennifer has always had such a great personality, and now she gets to put that personality on full display for her kids.

“My wife is kind, loving, amazing, hardworking, beautiful, nice, dedicated to her kids, organized and so much more,” he said.

Jennifer is an amazing role model to her kids. They know they can always count on her for anything, as she helps them with so much.

“She helps me to study and with my homework,” Addison said. “She also helps me with baking and basketball.”

“She helps me with my studying and she cooks me food,” Spencer added. “She also drives me places.”

She is more than just chauffeur, but is someone who puts maximum effort, in all areas of her life.

Whether you are talking about at work, in continuing to build her relationship with her husband or anything else, Jennifer is dedicated to everything in life. She is especially dedicated to her kids, as if that was not already crystal clear, and she is going to always make them her top priority.

“What makes her a great mom is everything,” Brett said. “She is hardworking, lovely, loving, supporting, and she never gives up.  She is always teaching the kids something, whether it be school work, etc. and wants to make sure they have the best life possible.”#1 mommy and wife

She can do it all, and that helps her in making sure she can help pave the way for her children to learn and grow from her. She is the best teacher they could ever ask for, and they are glad they get to learn so many important things from their mother.

“She teaches me math and writing grammar,” Addison said. “She also teaches me how to paint my nails and how to cook.”

This teaching is something that her kids hold in high regard, as they know there are so many things Jennifer will teach them down the road when it comes time for it.

“She’ll teach me math and most likely teach me to drive,” Spencer said. “She also helps teach me some sports.”

Jennifer just wants to make sure her kids always have the best lives possible, and that they learn as many of the important things in life as they can. She shows them what hard work and dedication looks like on a daily basis. She always finds time to be there for her husband and shows him an endless amount of love and support.

She also finds time to be there for her husband constantly, as she is always going to show him an endless amount of love and support.

“Jen keeps Brett in check,” their nanny Maria commented.

Family (like her grandmother Claire Kellerman and otherwise known as Mamma) is the most important thing to Jennfer and no matter what, as long as the Frankels are together, they are happy and can do anything and this is because Jennifer is the matriarch that she is.

They all enjoy sports – she is a proud Michigan alum who has bred Addison into one as well, while Brett and Spencer are Buckeyes fans – and eating at restaurants, and the kids love when Jennifer makes them pancakes on the weekends, as well as family vacations and hosting holidays, dinners and house parties.

No matter what, as long as the Frankels are together, they are all happy and can do anything, and that is because Jennifer is the matriarch that she is.

“I want Jennifer to know how much we truly love her and appreciate her.” – Brett

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