A Big Hearted Mama Bear: That’s just one of the many ways you can describe Jessica St. Germain

If you ask Jessica St Germain’s daughter, Emerson (6), what her mommy means to her, she will tell you she means everything to her.

Emerson loves her mother more than anything in the world, and she is so appreciative of her. Her mom does so much for her, and Jessica is always making sure that her daughter has everything she needs.

“She is so strong in her convictions and values, and she makes me want to do better and be a better person,” Jason said. “She is always present, never distracted and constantly aware of Emerson’s feelings, attitudes and actions, among other things. She never wavers, is a constant positive influence and an inspiration to all of us whose lives she touches and influences.”

Jason knows that their daughter has such a great mother to look up to, as Jessica is such an amazing person and she is an ever-present soul. She is selfless and caring, and her compassion for her daughter in particular is second to none.

She teaches Emerson many great things and endless life lessons, and Emerson knows that she will always be able to look up to her mom. Emerson sees Jessica as a role model and a true provider for her in so many ways, and she is glad she can always count on her.

“She has the biggest heart and the most patience in teaching Emerson how to be a good human,” Jessica’s mom, Patsy, said. “She is gentle and caring, yet firm and teaching when the time is right. She is a mama bear in every sense!”

Jessica is a teacher and a protector of Emerson, and she is constantly making sure she is putting Emerson first. She would do anything and everything for her, and she is raising Emerson up to be a great human being.

Emerson says that her mom teaches her many things, and she cannot wait to see how else she helps her as she continues to grow up.

Jessica was born to be a mom, as she possesses all the great qualities it takes to be a great mother, and Jason is truly glad that their daughter gets to be raised by such an amazing woman. He knows that Emerson is going to grow up to be a strong-willed, independent woman who is always chasing her dreams, and that is all because of what her mom instills in her each and every day.

“I admire her honesty and integrity in all things,” Jason said. “Whether it’s in her role as mommy or her role as a sales representative, she lives her life by a certain code and never wavers from it. She is fair and steadfast in her values, always striving to improve.”

Jessica has strong morals and values, and they are being taught to her daughter on a daily basis. She is not only teaching Emerson many great things, but she is showing them by her constant hard work and dedication she puts on display at work, at home and everywhere in between.

Jessica is also teaching her daughter how to stand up for herself, and how to stand up for others, as that is yet another important value she holds tight to the vest.

“She is an advocate for those who need a voice, even if that voice is from an animal,” Patsy said. “She is a true friend in every sense. She gives 150 percent of herself to her work, working late into the night or on weekends. Whether it be her job or her family or friends, if they need something and she is asked – and even when she isn’t asked – she will be there!!”

Jessica is always showing up for the people that she cares most about, as she has such a true sense of genuineness and love for so many people. She wants what is best for everyone, and she has a special ability to bring out the best in everyone.

She is always there for those that matter most, and she is appreciated for this fact… and for so much more.

“She is my world!! She has been my rock for all of her life,” Patsy said. “I love her more than words can say! She also gave me the best gift a child can give to her mom, a beautiful granddaughter that shines just like her momma.”

Patsy knows that her granddaughter is learning from the best mother there is, and Jessica will tell you that is only because she learned from the best.

Jessica’s personality is also giving credit where credit’s due, and making sure that she shows her appreciation for others. Now the favor has been returned a little bit, as this is a show of appreciation from Jason on behalf of everyone Jessica has ever made an impact on.

What she does and accomplishes does not go unnoticed, and people are truly thankful for Jessica’s presence in their lives.

“Even though we are not married and not currently a couple, I love and respect her with all of my heart,” Jason said. “She is my inspiration in almost everything I do, from my work ethic, to my parenting, to my interactions with my friends and family. She inspires me to do better, in everything!”

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