‘She Makes Our World Spin’: Mercedes is the backbone of her family who possesses an endless number of traits that make her amazing

There is something to be said about utterly selfless mothers.

When Ryan, Millie, Cobie and Booker talk about Mercedes, you can just tell how amazingly selfless and caring she truly is. She is someone who is always there for the people all around her, and she is always finding ways to put others first in every situation.

“Mercedes is dedicated to her family and friends,” Ryan said. “She puts them before herself, more than she probably should, but that is just who she is.”

Mercedes’ loved ones realize just how much she does for them, and they are truly thankful for her. They are glad that they have her in their lives, and they are in complete admiration of her daily.

She is more than just a selfless woman, too, and her family says there are four specific traits that really stick out and make his wife who she is.

  1. Her love – “It is endless and soul-deep,” Cobie said. “In that love, Mercedes has taught us all that family and friends are the most important pieces in our lives.”
  2. Her passion – “She loves and lives with all her heart,” Millie said. “It’s as simple as that.”
  3. Her drive – “She can outwork anyone,” Booker said. “Whether it be a home project or just checking off the to-do list with the day-to-days, Mercedes just has a drive unlike any other.”
  4. Her honesty – “She says it plainly and is always sincere,” Ryan said. “She is not one to beat around the bush.”

These are four traits that any great person should possess, but when you mix them with Mercedes’ personality and what she stands for, you get someone as amazing as her.

It is crystal clear why Ryan and the kids all love Mercedes as much as they do, and they are glad that they get to spend every day of their lives together. She brings them so much joy and love, and at the same time is a great role model to them all.

“Her honesty and work ethic are infectious,” Ryan said. “Her drive to make our lives better and her love for her family and friends help elevate me daily.”

Ryan is constantly learning from his wife and is constantly being shown what a hardworking, unconditionally loving mother looks like.

Mercedes has helped him become a better father and a better man overall just by being her, and she is the best mother that her kids could ever ask for. She has laid a foundation for their three kids to learn so much from, and she is always making them a priority.

Mercedes is one-of-a-kind and a mother unlike any other, and Ryan is proud to call her his wife.

“Mercedes, though we don’t say it often enough, we want you to know that we couldn’t make it without you. You are what makes our world spin. We love you so much and want you to never forget that.” – Ryan, Millie, Cobie and Booker

she makes our world spin

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