‘A True Blessing’: Everyone who knows Kelly Treshock knows just how wonderful she is

The day Thomas met his wife Kelly was the day he became a better person.

As crazy as this sounds, he will tell you it is the truth. And that is all because of who Kelly is. She has a wonderful personality and she has the ability to bring out the best in you.

Kelly is also a person with a whole lot of selflessness in her bones. She would do anything for anyone in her life, and she is constantly looking out for others. She makes sure everyone has everything they need well before she worries about her wants or needs.

“Kelly always puts the needs of others before hers,” Thomas said. “She was born to be a mom. Her children come first and last in everything she does. She is selfless in everything she does. It’s hard to find anyone who has met her that doesn’t instantly like her.”

With three children, Kelly has always kept herself busy. From running them around to their extracurricular activities to making sure they are well fed and taken care of, Kelly prioritizes her children above all else.

And even though they are all getting older and are more grown up, they still need their mom. They know they can call her up day or night and that Kelly will always answer.

Kelly is also a great friend to all those around her. She would do anything for anyone, and she is willing to give the shirt off her back to those in need.

“The things I admire most about my wife is her willingness to help anyone, her undying commitment to her family and friends and her ability to laugh at pretty much anything,” Thomas said.

Kelly has a love for life as well. She lives life to the fullest and certainly makes the most of it. She cherishes her friends and family, and she loves every moment of every day.

She also enjoys making memories with her loved ones. Whether it involves going on a vacation or just lounging around the house enjoying one another’s presence, quality time makes Kelly happy.

“As silly as it sounds, our kids are older now. And any chance we can get all five of us together makes our day,” Thomas said. “If we don’t have our kids around, we love to visit local brew pubs and sample local beers.”

As long as they are together, that’s all that matters. Especially when it involves being around Kelly.

Overall, Kelly is just an all out amazing woman. She puts her family first and she has her friends’ backs. She is completely irreplaceable, as people like her do not come around often.

“I want to thank you for being such a great wife, mother and best friend. You continue to amaze me on how dedicated you are to your family and friends. Everyone you touch in your life is truly blessed. I can’t wait to begin the next chapter of our lives together.” – Thomas

‘A True Blessing’: Kelly Treshock

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