More than just an amazing actress and singer, Moraima Karolina Castro is the world’s most wonderful woman

“My wife is my soulmate,” said Jorge Castro. After instantly falling in love with Karolina in June of 2013, the couple married shortly after in 2016.

Although Jorge and Karolina met on a blind date, they had instant chemistry at first sight of each other. Since then, Jorge has been amazed by Karolina in all aspects.

For one, she is a supremely talented and accomplished Latin actress and singer. But above all, she is a fantastic mother and wife. “She is loving, caring and extremely generous,” Jorge said. “She is compassionate and loyal.”

Karolina’s enormous heart always has enough room for the people that she loves. Always looking for ways to make both Jorge and the kids, Maria, Kaytlin and Lorin, happy, Karolina stops at nothing to ensure they are living their best lives.

For this, Jorge appreciates how much she is looking to please; it makes her selfless and extremely empathetic. She is sensitive to the feelings of others, so she is a great friend that always offers them a helping hand. “She puts others first before herself,” Jorge said.

In addition to always helping others and providing entertainment through her acting and singing, Karolina enjoys many activities such as sporting events, dinners, boating and watching movies, especially with Jorge.

Some of their favorite memories together are when they can get away to Bimini, Bahamas and Biscayne Bay, Miami. More specifically, when they are out in the beautiful waters, either in these wonderful places or when they take their boat out.

One memory that is particularly funny to Jorge is when Karolina fell overboard fully dressed when they were docking their boat at a restaurant marina. It’s moments like these that make Jorge grateful to be doing it with Karolina.

She constantly makes Jorge a better man by her loving nature and generosity. Her compassionate spirit is truly contagious and inspires Jorge to treat others just as well.

He won’t ever forget the feeling of hearing Karolina tell Jorge that he was her soulmate. His heart had never felt so full and he immediately and undoubtedly concluded that she was “the one.”

Now, he can’t wait to call her his wife, his best friend, and his soulmate for the rest of his life. He wants Karolina to know that she is the love of his life. “She is the woman I dreamed about when I was searching for my wife. She is the love of my life,” Jorge said.


Moraima Karolina Castro is the world’s most wonderful woman

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