‘Our Story’: This couple’s story is one-of-a-kind, and their 22 years together have been nothing short of amazing

It all started with a wrong name.

When Amy and Matt Zuntag first met, Amy thought Matt’s name was “Nick.”

On their first date, Amy was not turned away by the “stripes” on his newly shaven head.

Yet, after what seemed like a rough beginning, Amy and Matt are celebrating their 22nd wedding anniversary. They love each other more than anything and love being around each other every single day of their lives, and they enjoy traveling together.

Every day, Matt falls deeper in love with Amy, and he is reminded of why they had an “instant romance.” Amy has such a wonderful personality and is so full of life, and it is easy to see why Matt is fond of calling her his wife.

“Amy is fiercely loyal, brilliant and willing to try anything that is not dangerous to her children or self,” he said. “She is a GREAT MOM and fun to be around.”

Less than two years after getting married, Matt and Amy had their first child, William (20). Around two years later they had their second child, Amanda (18), and when they say they would do anything for those kids, they mean it.

“Amy will defend her children against all ‘outsiders,’ but does not let them get away without being responsible for their actions,” Matt said. “She is incredibly kind and loving, and she’s committed to her children for whatever they want or need… even before me.”

There is nothing that will stand in the way between this mama bear and her cubs, her husband included. Matthew would not change that for the world, however, because he feels lucky and blessed that his children have such a loving, wonderful mother.

He should also be proud of the father he is to them as well.

“I am very protective of my children,” he said. “I’m always focused on taking care of my kids before anything else (except maybe golf on a few occasions). My wife says I am very smart and educational, teaching my children how to be independent. She will also tell you I am VERY funny.”

Matt and Amy are both great parents who care so much about their children, and that should come as no surprise. They are just both great people in general, and they are always making sure that the people around them are taken care of before anything else.

Amy in particular is also just someone who is enjoyable to be around, and her husband is just so grateful for her.

“She has the best laugh,” Matt said. “Her body gyrates and she honks like a duck or goose. I love when I can get her to laugh like that.”

A laugh like that is a laugh worth standing by, and it is one Matt has been proud to stand by for 22 strong years.

His life is greater than it was before she entered his life, and Matt is looking forward to 22 more years – and many more – with the love of his life by his side.

“No matter what obstacles have been placed in our way, she has always been with me – as my friend, confidant and love. My life was incomplete without her, and 22 years later I don’t remember what my life was like before then. Thank you for being my friend and sexy babe by my side.” – Mattour story

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