‘One-Of-A-Kind’: When talking about Stephanie, you realize that she is truly a one-of-a-kind woman

There is much to be said about a mother who is as loving and caring a mother as Stephanie.

From the moment Dana first met Stephanie, he knew there was something special about her, and when their first son was born, she took that specialness to a whole new level. She is such a devoted mother who would do anything for Levi and his brother-to-be-born, and she is the most loving, compassionate mother Dana has ever met.

“She is always trying to find things to introduce to our children,” he said. “She is trying to expose them to as much as possible.”

Stephanie wants what is best for her children, and she feels that a lot of that has to do with experiences. Getting them to experience many different things and visit new places all the time is one of the most important things to her, and letting them explore is important.

Dana and Stephanie have always loved to travel, but they now have a little travel buddy in Levi that makes their experience even greater. They will get to have him involved in something that is so important and vital to their relationship, and they will get to show him new cultures and everything in between while they’re at it.

“I think the fact that we do it together is why we enjoy traveling so much,” Dana said. “We traveled around the world for four months and didn’t fight, and I think we are just compatible in that way. All we want to do is experience, and we complement each other very well in terms of that.”

Getting to travel and try new things is something that has helped Stephanie and Dana’s relationship continue to grow, and he is grateful for it.

He is also grateful that his girlfriend and the mother to his children is someone who is so full of joy. She loves life and she is positive in any situation, and she is funny beyond belief.

“Stephanie brings laughter and joy in everything,” Dana said. “She laughs at herself. She is never really embarrassed. She laughs at herself and is open to all sorts of entertainment.”

This makes Stephanie such a joy to be around, as she is someone who is constantly bringing a light wherever she goes. She loves to entertain and make people laugh, and Dana says she is also someone who is very open minded.

Stephanie is a crowd pleasing person, but she is also someone who is always going to stand up for what she thinks is right. She is an advocate for people, and she shows such compassion in that way.

“She cares about people,” Dana said. “She’s always for human rights and women’s rights; always fighting for women’s equality. She is a fighter for what’s right.”

Everyone around Stephanie notices just how caring she is and just how much she wants to make a difference in this world, and Dana knows this is going to make an impact on Levi and their kids to come.

Stephanie is a great role model for wanting change, and she is someone who has the ability to walk the walk.

Dana loves her so much and is beyond grateful for Stephanie, and he cannot imagine life without her.

“There is and never will be anybody like her.” – Danaone of a kind

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