‘An Angel’: Tina Doney is an entrepreneur, mother and wife who leads with compassion and kindness

Tina Doney knows that real strength and leadership don’t always mean ruling with an iron fist. That’s neither her style nor who she pretends to be, but she has still earned the respect of staff and clients at her physiotherapy clinic. She listens to them, builds them up, and acts with total integrity and kindness. 

That is also true at home, where compassion rules and Tina is at the heart of a family that thrives by following her lead.

At the same time, when life gets bumpy or her business runs into a challenge, Tina is a cool and empathetic leader who gets it. She connects with the struggles and concerns of her staff and her family because she values what they have to say. 

Tina is 100% genuine as a business owner, a wife to Andrew and a mother to Elizabeth (19), Luke (17) and Seth (14).

“She treats everybody really well with respect and kindness,” Andrew said. “She is unassumingly courageous and strong. She comes from a really kind family. That shows in her persona. There’s a fine line of strength and being a really good leader. She has a secure sense of who she is, and she’s super confident without you knowing.”

Tina’s energy is felt as soon as she walks into the room, Andrew says. She’s not the type to suck the oxygen out of it, but rather breathes new life into it. Tina has the ability to be both confident and warm, so her presence at personal and professional gatherings is always anticipated without ever feeling imposing.

Maybe Andrew should expect that response from others by now, but he still finds it amazing to stand by Tina’s side and watch it unfold. She has dedicated her life to helping others, and that vibe is easy to feel. 

Andrew knows because he felt it, too, once upon a time. 

“Honestly, the first time I saw her, I remember thinking, ‘I’d like to marry a girl like that,’” he said. “It was just the way she carried herself and the way she smiled.”

Lo and behold, Andrew waited his turn to introduce himself to Tina and felt fortunate that she agreed to go out with him. They hit it off, then stuck together as they completed their studies at McMaster University and a year of long distance. They grew stronger for the challenges and were married in 1996.

From those moments forward, the woman whose friends insist is “an angel” has shown Andrew nothing but love and support. She has accomplished so much in her career while also raising her children with compassion and sticking next to Andrew, encouraging him and supporting the life decisions he makes.

Andrew, the kids and even the family pets, Scooter and Howard, are grateful for all those things, and so much more. Tina makes their lives better in every way.

“I admire her constant and continuous kindness and positivity, and the ripple effect it has on everyone whose lives she touches,” he said.

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