Andrew Lucifora Is Still “Amazed” That He Gets To Marry Ashley Mason

Sometimes our brain can’t come up with the exact words we need when we want to tell someone how we feel about him. This is very common and it happened to Andrew Lucifora when he wanted to tell Ashley Mason that he loved her for the first time. While others might let the situation cause them to panic and fumble their words, Andrew simply relied on the words of the Drew Jacobs song, “Amazed.” 

Maybe others should take some notes from Andrew because now he is getting ready to tie the knot with Ashley on August 11, 2023. It’s not hard to understand why he chose that specific song.

“Every little thing that you do. Baby, I’m amazed by you.” 

Ashley Mason truly is an amazing person. This is most evident in her skills as a mother. Ashley raised her seventeen year old son Ayden by herself and proved to be a wonderful caregiver throughout the entire journey. Andrew considers himself lucky to see the respectful young man Ayden has grown into over their three year relationship. 

To be honest, Andrew considers himself lucky in a lot of ways when it comes to Ashley. “She was the only one to stick by me no matter what,” Andrew said.  “She’s accepted all my flaws and she loves me for who I am. She shows me appreciation for everything I do for her.” Andrew is a self-described “slob” and, according to him, Ashley keeps him on his toes. She is always there to remind him about the things necessary for keeping their home tidy such as shoveling snow, taking out the garbage and putting the dishes in the dishwasher.

What started out with a simple request for a date over Facebook Messenger has blossomed into true love. Andrew and Ashley started dating on August 11, 2019. If that date sounds familiar, it’s because it is the same date the two chose for their wedding. The couple plays darts together every Thursday and Friday. They also love sharing in the company of their friends. Lots of laughs and memories have been shared in their yearly cottage vacation with their friends Shawn, Rita, Brian, Wendy, Scott, Redd and Johnny. 

Ashley Mason means everything in the world to Andrew Lucifora. “I love her with everything that I am,” he assured confidently. “I’m looking forward to spending the rest of my life with her.” 

Andrew won’t have to wait long as August is only six months away. There, Andrew will have another chance to put in his own words exactly how he feels about Ashley. If he needs any inspiration, there’s always that trusty Drew Jacobs song though. And just in case he fumbles over the two most important words, Andrew might want to become familiar with any songs titled “I Do.”

Andrew can't wait to marry Ashley

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