‘You’ve Changed Me’: Michelle has been an uplifting presence in her husband’s life, and he could not be more grateful

“When you know, you know.”

This is what Dave Fessler said when asked how he knew his wife, Michelle, was the one. And it makes total sense.

Everything about Michelle is totally amazing, and she makes the lives of so many people so much better. She especially makes Dave’s life infinitely better, as well as her son Dawson’s life.

Michelle would do anything for anyone, and the love she has for family in particular is outright special.

“She’s a great wife, great mother, great cat mom and the backbone of our family,” Dave said.

Michelle is capable of many things, and she is the reason her family functions as well as it does. She is the glue that holds them together and the conductor that keeps the train moving.

When Dave first met Michelle, he knew she was a mom, but what he did not realize is how great of a mom she truly was…

That was until he met Dawson and saw the love between he and his mom. Michelle certainly loves her boy and would do anything for him, and she is his biggest supporter.

Michelle is also a wonderful wife. She always has Dave’s back, and Dave loves the fact that he can rely upon her for anything.

“She’s very caring,” Dave said. “Michelle is a loving wife. She’s supportive. And she’s a loving mother.”

Both Dawson and Dave learn so many things from Michelle on a daily basis too. She is a great role model who the both look up to, and they are both so grateful for all she does for them.

“She elevates me to showing me how to be more understanding of a person,” Dave said. “She’s also taught me patience. Being helpful. And being determined to do right.”

Michelle does the right thing and has great morals and values, and that definitely rubs off on her family. They get to see just how amazing a person she is day in and day out, and they are thankful.

Dave is also thankful for all the memories he has made so far with his wife, and he cannot wait to make many more for years to come.

“My favorite memories include: our wedding day; the day I met her son Dawson; and the day we all became a family.”

All these memories include togetherness, which is what Michelle is all about, and it is what her husband and son are all about as well. They both love her and appreciate her so much, and they want her to know this.

“I’m very thankful for the person that you are and how you have changed me to be a better person.” – Dave

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