‘She Means Everything’: Jana Martin is a loving wife, mother and friend whose hard work never goes unnoticed

There are not enough words to describe Jana Martin.

She is an unselfish, hardworking wife and mother of two with a creative mind and a loving personality. She creates endless memories with her family and is constantly putting others before herself.

“She always puts friends, family and coworkers first,” her husband, Shem, said. “She is a tireless worker and is constantly looking for cool things and experiences for our kids. She is creative and fun, and she especially loves to plan parties for family and friends, and is excellent at it.”

Jana is always there for those in need, and she will drop whatever she is doing to make sure she is helping out others. It is that selfless attitude that draws people to her and makes people want to be around Jana.

What’s more is she does everything with excellence. She has a hardworking mindset, and she is always willing to take on any challenge that comes her way. She has gone through a lot, but she has never let anything bring her down.

“She is the glue that holds the family together,” Shem said. “She plans the meals, is the scheduling director for everybody, and she makes sure the house stays clean and runs like it should.”

Family means everything to Jana. There is not a single thing she would not do for her family, and when she is not working, she is there for her kids every step of the way. She is their number one supporter, and she puts in tireless hours to help make sure they are always taken care of.

“The kids always come first,” Shem said. “She drives them to and from practices and games or school events, making sure they have everything they need for school or any other activity.”

The kids know how lucky and blessed they are to have such a supportive mother, and someone who cares so much about them. Jake and Milla do not ever have to worry about missing a practice or not having their homework done, because even if they forget to tell Jana about something that is going on, her mother’s intuition always kicks in and she knows what is going on.

No matter what she is doing, Jana always makes time for her kids and always wants to be doing things with them. Her job and the kids keep her busy, so she does not have much time for many hobbies, but she would not have it any other way. Getting to be there for Jake and Milla every step of the way is her top priority.

She also makes sure she leaves some time for just her and Shem, even if those times are far and few between these days. They know how important their alone time is, as well as their time spent with their family.

“We love to have family dinners with good conversation and laughs,” Shem said. “It’s difficult to get alone time with two kids, but we don’t really want alone time while the kids are still in the house. We know that we have a finite amount of time until the kids grow up and move out, so we try to cherish that time.”

Jake is in high school and Milla is in middle school, so Jana and Shem know they are growing up fast. They do not take their time with them for granted, and they want to make sure they create memories along the way.

Her ability to create memories and always be there for the kids is one of the many things Shem admires about his wife, and he is glad that he gets to spend every day with such a loving woman. He learns new things from his wife every day, and her personality helps to offset some of the traits he realizes are not the most loveable traits.

“I am selfish; she is not. I am lazy; she is not,” Shem said. “Without her, the house and all the things that go on with the kids would be a mess.”

From the way she helps the house run the house to the way she treats her family and friends, who would not want to get to know this woman? Jana treats everyone right and she is willing to make sacrifices to help out her people in need. This is a woman worth standing by, and this is the woman that Shem fell in love with when he first met her in Texas.

They have always been there for each other, through the good times and the bad, and Jana has been taking Shem’s breath away for 13-plus years now. He cannot wait to see what the future holds in store for them, but he is not anxious to miss out on the moments and memories they create every day.

“Jana is the rock the whole family depends on,” Shem said. “She is the grease that keeps the machine running. Nobody deserves someone as good as her, and she is not taken for granted. Jana, you are appreciated beyond words. Happy anniversary! I love you!”she means everything

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