‘Always There’: Pat Hoover is a loving mom and grandma who absolutely adores her four grandchildren

Pat Hoover is one of the most loved individuals anyone will ever meet. Everyone around her is drawn to her unconditional love, and her love reciprocates on them. Her family means everything to her, especially her immediate family, and she would do anything for them.

“She’s special because she always puts herself last when it comes to her children and grandchildren,” Pat’s son, Jason, said. “I have no doubt that my mother would easily lay down her life for any of us. She is supportive beyond the norm with her love, and we are so fortunate to have her around.”

This selflessness is contagious, as Pat’s entire family has learned the importance of always being there for one another, no matter the situation, directly from her. She has taught them the importance of family and what it means to put family first in every situation.

She has always worried about her family’s needs before her own, and they will be forever grateful for that.

“Growing up, my mom was always a working mom,” Jason said. “After work, she would come home and feed us home cooked meals, I really don’t know how she did it all.”

Pat always makes sure her family is taken care of, and she is the most loving and caring individual her kids have ever met. She takes the age-old Einstein saying of talking to and treating everyone the same, whether it is her grandkids or a total stranger.

“She is an amazing grandmother,” her youngest granddaughter, Reese, said. “She’s always been there when we have needed her. She has so much love in her heart, more love in her heart than anyone I have ever known. She has a lot of compassion for family and others.”

Pat’s grandkids are her world, and she always tries to attend as many of their events as possible. From soccer games to recitals, she is there supporting them and cheering them on. And while she may be a diehard fan of the Kansas City Chiefs and all things Missouri State Lady Bears, her favorite team will always be any of the ones that Avery, Brady, Callan or Reese are on.

Pat’s sports fandom, and her outlook on life, always creates a positive atmosphere wherever she is at. She always looks at the good in life, and she is constantly teaching others the importance of this perspective.

“The biggest life lesson I’ve learned from her is to be positive and always have a grateful heart,” Pat’s daughter-in-law, Jen, said. “Like many people, she has weathered many storms throughout life. Still, she always finds a way to be thankful and look at the glass as half-full.”

To Pat, it’s not about what you have been through that defines who you are, but it is about how you have learned to handle any situation, and see that no matter what life throws your way, you are ready to step up to the plate. Everyone goes through trials and tribulations, but not everyone perseveres through them. Pat is one of these people who perseveres.

And when Pat is not teaching her kids and grandkids the importance of always being there for others, she spends time travelling. She loves taking trips to different states and countries, especially with her friends and family.

What’s more? She loves to throw parties and just be around people. Her love for other people is infectious, and it is what makes Pat who she is.

With her always half-full look on life and love of being around people, Pat’s positivity shines above all else. Her family is thankful for her and all that she has helped them through, and they cannot wait to spend many more years with such a loving woman.

“As you look back on 70 years well lived, may you remember all the joy and laughter you’ve given. We all love you, mom. Happy birthday!” – Jason, Jen and Reese

always there

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