Humility is an important key to success

A lot of people believe that humility is the most difficult of all virtues to attain. It is value of having a modest view of someone’s importance.

On February 22 every year, it’s Be Humble Day. We celebrate the significance of being humble regardless of different cultures, backgrounds and philosophies. People come together to put others first and listen to their minds.

The origin and the creator of Be Humble Day is a mystery until today because we don’t know who observed this holiday.

Although the founder is still unknown, many people guess the person probably didn’t like to boast, which is a true sign of being humble.

In this self-obsessed world, the majority of us only pay attention to our own achievements and successes. We often show little-to-no care for those surrounding us. 

Therefore, any boasting is not allowed today because we shouldn’t exaggerate our own lives and abilities. Instead, we could sit down and listen to others’ minds, accept mistakes, weaknesses and different opinions from others. Then keep working and meeting a better self.

However, most times the public obtains stereotypes about humble people, thinking about them being too passive and submissive. 

On the contrary, we could see those humble people are actually willing to help others and hear others out. They usually have better emotional observance and situational awareness than others.

Being humble doesn’t mean you are weak. It is absolutely a great personality for everyone to practice. At the same time, humble people usually put others’ needs first. They are more likely to create bonds with different people and make better decisions for the whole community.

Endless pride and selfish acts could destroy the lives of lots of people, therefore, being humble and encouraging others to be humble are the key to making changes in the world.

Most importantly, don’t forget to provide some support and appreciation for those who choose to be humble.

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