‘Beautiful Queen’: Without Samantha, the Dull family would be lost

The next time you think of an example of an amazing wife and mother, the name Samantha Dull should come to mind.

Samantha, who is the wife of Perry and the mother of Lucille Grace and Perry Jr., loves her family without ceasing, and she is someone who is a great role model as well. People can look up to Samantha because she is a strong, independent woman who would do anything for her family while showing what endless hard work can get you in life.

“Samantha is as tough as nails,” Perry said. “She is the definition of a strong woman. She gives for her family everything she has day in and day out. She works hard all day between work, baking at home, taking care of the kids and maintaining the house. We would be completely lost without her. She is everything to this family.”

Samantha truly means everything to her family. When she is not at work baking and decorating cakes, she is at home keeping the house functioning. So much of her time is spent with her husband and kids, and she would not have it any other way.

“I admire the love she has for us,” Perry said. “And that no matter what, she would do anything for us. I love her strength. She isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty or stand up for herself or someone else. I admire the role model she will be for my daughter.”

Lucille is only 3, but she has already been taught so many great things by Samantha. She has someone in her life who is always there for her and someone who she can always look up to, and this is going to bode well for her as she grows up.

At the same time, at just 6 months old Perry Jr. is seeing a love from her mother that is unlike anything he will ever know from anyone else. The nurturing and the love he receives from Samantha is second to none, and Samantha’s bond with him is not ever going to change.

“Everything about her makes her a fantastic mother,” Perry said. “She gives for our kids nonstop without anything in return. It is easy to see why she is the kids’ favorite. She even makes all the baby food herself.”

The kids come first in every situation, and Perry is perfectly fine with that. He knows that she would do anything for them and him, and he is grateful for that.

He found her later in life, but that does not take away from the fact that she is his soulmate. Perry learns so much from his wife day in and day out, and he is constantly in awe of how wonderfully strong and loving she is toward everyone and everything.

Samantha would do anything for anyone and she is always looking out for her family, and Perry is honored to call her his wife.

“I want to remind her how much she means to this family. Samantha, you are so much more than the woman who cooks, cleans, takes care of the kids and pretty much keeps us all alive. You are a beautiful queen, and we all love you more than I am capable of expressing.” – Perrybeautiful queen

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