‘Believe In Yourself’: Having this mindset on life has made a lot of people look up to Joseph Sarries and strive to be like him

Joseph Sarries is certainly loved and admired by his parents. And with good reason.

Joseph is an amazing person with an exceptional personality. From being a caring brother who looks out for his siblings to being an extraordinary cinematography student, he has a well-rounded personality that makes his parents proud.

“He is my first born,” Joseph’s mom Jenypher said. “He made me a mom. His firsts were my firsts; his failures were my failures. He paved the way for his little brother and was such an attentive and helpful older brother. He is my heart and my soul. Despite his age or height, he will always be my baby.”

She and her husband, Richard, also love and admire the personality and character their son possesses. He is an extremely hardworking, optimistic young adult, and Joseph is someone that people look up to.

“He is naturally happy,” Richard said. “Joseph always tries his best while encouraging those he competes with. He is caring, whether it’s the disadvantaged or animals. He loves helping anyone he can and does it unselfishly, with no expectations or fanfare. He loves joking around and having fun, but isn’t the best at being the brunt of the joke. Joseph’s a little self-conscious and unsure of his abilities when he should be proud of them like the rest of his family is.”

And Joseph has a lot to be proud of. From his exceptional singing voice to his creative ability in filmmaking to his ability to adapt to adversity, there is nothing Joseph cannot accomplish in life.

He is also a very kind individual according to his mother, and the way he treats others is admirable. But what sticks out the most to his parents is the utmost courage Joseph has in life. He is bold and can be outgoing when the situation calls for it, and his parents are proud of this.

“His courage has always stuck out to me,” Richard said. “He has sung in an auditorium full of students, teachers and parents. He was an inspiration for some other shy students to try and come out of their shell. He has filmed three short student films too. He took control and helped the crew and actors to see his vision and help them put on their best performance.”

Richard also mentioned that Joseph’s music videos are top notch. They are as professional as he has ever seen, and he knows Joseph will go a far way in his career.

Joseph is also someone who gives 110 percent to everything he ever does. He never does anything if his heart is not into it, and that is something that his parents have always appreciated about him.

“He leads with his heart and always has,” Jenypher said. “He is an old soul. He’s always cautious. He wears his heart on his sleeve. He is stubborn but determined, caring, thoughtful and loving. He is a musician at heart and always has been. He has a boisterous laugh that is contagious. Joseph is confident even when he’s scared. He is an animal lover too.”

Joseph cares so much and is very talented in so many aspects of life. He has a creative mind and is very loud and outgoing.

Joseph is also someone that his parents strive to be like, which is certainly crazy because it is usually the other way around.

“He makes me wish I could be more like him,” Richard said. “Like his abilities as a Director, he uses his lens of positivity to see the world for the beauty it could be. I’m so happy that he isn’t cynical like his father. I love telling friends and co-workers about his progression and accomplishments. He is not the oldest child but he is a great example for his brothers and sister.”

Joseph is a great brother and he has a success story that he should be proud of. His parents are certainly proud of it, and they love him so much.

They are also so grateful for the way he treats others. He loves his family and he loves his friends as well, and Joseph is truly special in that way.

“He cares,” Jenypher said. “He is present, or tries to be when he is around others. He leads with his heart. He is thoughtful and thinks of others – except when he’s having a good time and laughing his loud laugh at 2 am while outside in the backyard playing Uno, Monopoly, Ticket to Ride, Quelf or some other board game with the family!”

Joseph is a one of a kind kid who is loved and adored by his parents, and he has given them so many reasons to admire him and celebrate him.

“Joseph, you have made us proud of the man that you have become more than you will ever really know or understand. You have faced challenges over the last three years that nobody in our generation or generation before us has ever faced, and you did it with poise and confidence… Continue to strive for greatness, and know that we will always be in your corner despite what distance may be between us… You are a wonderful brother (big and little) and a wonderful son, we love you so much. To the moon and back.” – Jenypher

“Believe in yourself, as so many others do. You have accomplished so much so far… so enjoy those accomplishments. Things haven’t been easy lately, but you’ve always been able to persevere in the face of challenges. You’ve always been strong enough to do things that would scare most people and have inspired others by doing those things. You have the full support of your family and we believe in you. Believe in yourself.” – Richard

believe in yourself

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