David Feldman: ‘An amazing man who conveyed all the goodness of the world to his loved ones’

David Feldman was born in Philadelphia on November 28, 1952. His loving and caring spirit had left an endless spirit on the people surrounding him. In late 2022, he passed away.

Looking back on his entire life, one could truly feel his generosity and loyalty toward his wife, grandchildren, family and friends.

2005 was the year that David met his wife Linda on a singles cruise. Three years later, the couple settled in and got married, with their wedding taking place on a scenic cruise around the Marina Del Rey harbor.

Linda’s entrance into David’s life gave him a new family and life with joy and happiness. He took a lot of responsibilities on his shoulders, including cooking, driving, calculating taxes and much more.

“He was a dependable husband who took good care of his wife Linda. He was very caring and loving, and he tried 120 percent in everything he did,” Linda’s daughter, Cassandra Freeman, said.

Besides being an amazing husband, David was also a proud Papa and had vigor and love when he stayed with his grandchildren – Callum, Addy, Korban and Eli.

“Despite having no kids of his own, he was truly ecstatic when Linda’s daughters, Chassica and Cassandra, brought four grandchildren into his life,” Derrick said.

Beyond this, we could feel David’s enthusiasm for life was rooted in him when he was young.

“As a boy, he played baseball and helped his father in the family restaurant. As soon as he graduated high school, he drove across the country to be a California hippie,” Chassica said.

In David’s wild 20s, he pursued his dream of music. At that time, he was a band manager and a cook at a café.

There was truly nothing David couldn’t do. In 1985, he became a certified public accountant and operated as a solo practitioner after receiving his bachelor’s degree from California State University-Dominguez Hills.

Over his years of experience in providing accounting and tax preparation services to customers – along with managing a small business in Los Angeles – David would often use his skills to advise his friends and family on accounting matters for free.

He never hesitated to use his sincerity to help and impress others either, especially when Derrick moved to Los Angeles in 2012.

“We would go out for dinner and happy hours, often in the Santa Monica area, even at questionable establishments with 99-cent steaks,” Derrick said. “We also attended a Los Angeles Rams football game together during the Rams’ first year in Los Angeles when they played in the USC Coliseum.”

From Derrick’s expression, we could tell that David’s genuineness had surely made people feel the warmth and love.

David’s existence was sincerely an incredible gift to all his loved ones. Regardless of how busy he would be during tax season, he would still spend time doing his weekly massages and traveling around the world with his wife Linda.

They have vacationed in Croatia, China, Fiji, Portugal, Venice, the Caribbean, Barcelona and Japan. Through their experiences of going on different adventures, a lot of unforgettable moments came about and are still on the minds of some.

“One of our favorite memories is a recent and seemingly uneventful one. David, Linda, Cassandra’s family, and my own took a trip to Honolulu at the end of 2021,” Chassica said. “David had shaved ice with his four grandchildren – all together and all at once – which was a cherished memory.”

Above those precious travel occasions, there was also a fun coincidence that took place, which made their journey much more fascinating.

One of the craziest things that happened to the Feldmans was when they were at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. They ran into Linda’s older sister, Lilly, and her husband, Darwin, there.

“Despite being very close, neither group knew that the other would be in Amsterdam at this time. It was very crazy,” Cassandra said.

On top of being passionate about traveling with his family, David was also a big fan of a little of everything, from gardening, art, The Beatles and reading, to seafood, jazz and all things Philadelphia sports.

“He was really keen on gardening. His yard was filled with spices, vegetables, fruits and the absolute biggest air plant you’ve ever seen,” Chassica said.

Above all, we could feel that David’s positive life attitude and kindness have sincerely affected a lot of people. Even in the most challenging of times, he still maintained his unselfish self for his family and friends.

“Prior to David’s passing, he battled a series of infections that put him in and out of hospital for a few weeks. But he didn’t want to inconvenience his family members, so he asked them not to visit him in the hospital,” Cassandra said. “We all wish that we would’ve been able to visit him one last time, letting him know how much we love and care for him.”

David, we would like you to know that you had a big impact on the lives of your friends, family and especially your grandchildren. You will be missed dearly. Your loved ones will always remember you and honor you at every family celebration and milestone.

David Feldman: ‘An amazing man'

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