“Well done is better than well said,” said Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin Day is celebrated on January 17 every year in honor of one of the greatest Founding Fathers of the United States.

In case you don’t know the significance of Franklin, you can take a look at a $100 bill, and you will know why this man deserves a day of his own for us to remember him. Moreover, Franklin had also made countless contributions across different areas of study, including education, politics, science, music, literature and a lot more.

Let’s learn about some highlights of his achievements in his life.

In 1731, Franklin established the first subscription library, the Library Company of Philadelphia. Ten years later, the pamphlet had educated a lot of young people in Pennsylvania, which directly affected the foundation of the well-known school: University of Pennsylvania.

In the science field, the invention of the lightning rod in 1752 turned into one of his outstanding accomplishments. He also created many terms that we frequently use today, such as battery, charge, conductor, etc.

Additionally, Franklin also made endless contributions to the United States. In 1757, Franklin began to serve as a representative for the state of Pennsylvania. By the 1700s, he became the first American ambassador to France. He was also part of the committee who drafted and signed the Declaration of Independence.

Although Franklin ended his formal education at the age of 10, he continued on an enduring path of learning by himself and fighting for a better country for its citizens. There is definitely no doubt of having such a celebration only for himself.

Franklin has brought out numerous meaningful and valuable lessons for us to learn. So, use today to check out the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin and discover his life experiences.

Besides reading his introduction and works online, you can also take some time to visit his grave and the Benjamin Franklin Museum in Philadelphia. It would definitely be a great road trip that could probably bring you some inspirations for life and writing ideas.

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