‘She Means Everything’: April is such an inspiration to her children, and she is a devoted wife in the process

Daytn and Aliya love their mother more than anyone or anything in the world.

They are both so appreciative of all the things their mom, April, has done for them. From always showing up to Daytn’s hockey games to scheduling mother-daughter dates at the nail salon, April is an everlasting presence in her children’s lives.

“My mom means everything to me,” Daytn said. “I don’t think I could survive without her. I’ve learned to just try my best at everything I do and to be kind to the people around me and good things will come. She does everything and more for both me and Aliya no matter how hard or out of the way it might be.”

April is Daytn and Aliya’s number one supporter in everything they do, and they love and cherish her for this.

She is also a mother who teaches them a lot, and for that they look up to her. She is a great role model with a lot of important life lessons to go around, and Daytn and Aliya are both appreciative of this.

“My brother and I have learned many things over the years from our mother,” Aliya stated. “We have learned how to become independent, kind, and brave. Our mother has taught us how to be strong and always think positive when it comes to difficult times. Not only that but she has taught us how to do everything we know how to do today.”

Aliya and Daytn both said they would not be the people they are today without their mother’s guidance. They have always known her to be their provider and protector, and the person that is going to support them no matter what.

April is hardworking, caring and determined. Any good quality you can think of, she probably has a bit of it.

She is also showing Aliya and Daytn what a strong marriage looks like as well. There are good days and bad days between her and their father, Mark, but they both love each other immensely, and that is all that matters.

“It’s always nice to see them laughing and spending time with each other,” Aliya said. “Because they were so young when they had us, they had to help each other grow and learn over the years. And even to this day they still are growing together and learning new things. They never fail to make each other smile even when they don’t want to. Our mom makes sure to check up on our dad often and make sure he’s okay. Our mother is definitely the light in his life and without her Dad wouldn’t be the man he is today.”

April helps the people all around her grow – especially her family – and that is something that people do not take for granted. She is a loving and devoted mother and wife, and she is appreciated for such.

“My parents are the greatest team I’ve ever met,” Daytn said. “They take on whatever challenge comes their way and always get through it. We love you, Mom. Keep being you!”

April is certainly the anchor in the Kulynych house, and she is the matriarch and glue that holds everything together. She has helped her husband and kids grow in more ways than she could ever imagine, and they love and appreciate her for that.

April is a one of a kind person who brings so much meaning to the Kulynych house, and they are thankful for her and want to celebrate her every day.

she means everything

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