‘Woman of my Dreams’: Sara is everything Jason could have ever imagined in a wife and then some

Sara Long is a very committed individual.

From her passion for her Chicago Bears to her passion for her family, her commitment is off the charts.

Sara is someone who is also loved unconditionally by her husband, Jason, because she loves him unconditionally. She has such a wonderful personality, and there is not a thing that Jason does not love about his wife.

“She’s smart. She’s beautiful,” he said. “She’s a great baker. Sara loves going to concerts and sporting events. This girl LOVES her Chicago Bears. It’s something she got from her dad. That’s why every year we pay for the NFL ticket. 10 years. And I love it. She is a Bear fan through and through.”

Jason loves seeing his wife’s heart always being in the right place. And this does not just stop at her fandom for the Bears, but for everything in life. She is such a caring and compassionate individual, and he appreciates everything about her.

“I admire her elegance; her hard work,” Jason said. “She always finishes what she starts. She puts up with me. Sara does not beat around the bush. She tells you what is on her mind. I really love that no BS. And how she takes care of herself both mentally and physically. She always looks amazing. She is nice to everyone too.”

From her good looks to the way she treats people, there is a lot to love about Sara. She stays the course in any task she sets out to accomplish, and she is also not afraid to tell you how it is. Her personality is so versatile, and Jason loves this about her.

She is also someone who brings Jason so much meaning and joy to his life. He knows he could not live life without her, and the way she complements him in every facet of his life is simply amazing.

“Sara means the world to me,” Jason said. “She really completes me. I am always starting new projects. She is always there to help me finish or remind me to finish before starting new ones. We would still have a half-done house if not for her.”

Jason then went on to talk about how he ruptured his Achilles nine years ago and seeing the way his wife took care of both he and the dogs during that time is truly admirable. He will never forget how much she loved on him during that time, and at all times throughout their marriage, and there will not be a day that passes where he is unappreciative of Sara.

Jason also wants Sara to know that he does not take her for granted. He realizes just how special she is and he wants her to always remember that.

From all the AMAZING memories they have made together to just getting to witness Sara’s love and commitment on a daily basis, life with her is truly awesome, and Jason loves her so much.

“Sara is my best friend. She is an all-around great woman. I wish I could tell her every day that she makes my life 1,000 percent better by just being in it. I am so lucky. I married the woman of my dreams.” – Jason

woman of my dreams

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