A museum selfie helps me to bond with other people

museum selfie

When we go to a museum, we can see the “no photography” signs everywhere. The reason for not allowing people to take pictures is because camera flashes may hurt the quality of conserved works and arts.

However, in a rapidly changing technological world today, many museums have relaxed their rules for photography, with the purpose of creating more engagement with the public.

January 18 is Museum Selfie Day, a holiday observed by a London blogger Mar Dixon. From that moment, this trend has progressively gone worldwide, and we could see a lot of creative photos posted on social media.

The history of taking a selfie came from an American photographer, Robert Cornelius. He took the first picture of a self-portrait in 1839. Later in 2002, an Australian doctor posted a photograph of his face after drinking. Then he apologized for the quality as it was a “selfie”.

One year later, an Italian media artist Alberto Frigo began taking photos of different objects in his right hand. In the same year, Sony introduced its first mobile phone with a front-facing camera to the world.

If you are a big fan of visiting different museums, don’t forget to take a picture today, whether it is a dinosaur skeleton or just a selfie of yourself in front of a museum. There are over 35,000 museums in America, make a fun discovery with a group of friends to a museum that you haven’t been to yet.

Today is the best time for you to be creative with your museum selfies. If you lack an idea of what you should do for a museum selfie, don’t worry, different social media platforms have been tracking museum selfie ideas since the establishment of this holiday. As a result, feel free to look through others’ pictures online from all over the world to get inspiration.

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