Charlene Leister: the most resilient woman

Eric Leister doesn’t just marvel at Charlene Leister’s endearing love and support for her family, but he deeply admires his wife’s resilience and ability to do so while enduring pain. 

Although struggling with constant pain, Charlene never fails to help provide for her family even when times are tough for her. For her husband Eric, he is amazed by her capability to manage the household as he focuses on his career. 

The pain that she bears doesn’t immobilize her from providing endless care towards her family.    

“Paying special attention to the kid’s activities and managing the household under medical pain,” Eric says, is one of the countless reasons why she is the world’s greatest mother.  “Being a US marine, she takes pride in getting things accomplished and not letting obstables get in her way”  

Having 4 kids, Amber 27, Justin 26, Morgan 14, and Logan 13, has given Charlene a chance at offering infinite love. In fact, one of her favorite activities in the world is traveling with Morgan to her competitive cheerleading competitions. 

Similarly, Eric loves to spend time with her and the kids as they create long lasting memories. Some of his favorite times with his family were spent going to the zoo when all the kids were younger.

“She is a terrific wife and mother and spends most of her free time coordinating our younger kids’ lives,” Eric said. 

Not only does he admire her loving heart, but he respects the fact that she is an incredible mentor to both him and the kids. 

For the kids, Charlene is unflagging in her efforts to provide them learning opportunities to become successful adults. She does this by setting the example of managing life in the midst of struggle. 

Eric says that he learns through her example each day as well. For him, Charlene’s striking independence and strength encourages him to be a better man. 

“I grew up with my parents doing mostly everything for me and my wife has taught me a lot about being independent and how to manage life,” he said. 

Without Charlene, Eric wouldn’t be who he is today, and he thanks her every day for showing him how to be the best man he can be. 

After meeting in 2003, the two spent wonderful times together that Eric will cherish forever. To this day, he still laughs about when Charlene accused him of seeing other women while she was away for a weekend. When the glitter of her shirt caught onto his shirt, Charlene assumed it had been glitter from the shirts of other women. Yet, that wasn’t the case, and from then on, they have been deeply and wholly in love. 

Above all, Eric wants Charlene to understand the extent of the love that him and the kids have for her; it’s infinite. They love her dearly and thank her immensely for managing the household and for always taking care of them all.the most resilient woman

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