‘Better Than Before’: For Jeremy, his love for his wife somehow grows with each moment, and the next moment he spends with her is better than the one before

Long distance relationships are not always easy.

So, what’s the key to making them last? If you ask Jeremy and Nicolle Fischler, they will tell you that you must make every moment together count.

You also have to make sure that you are with the person you are meant to spend the rest of your life with.

When you ask Jeremy what his wife means to him, he will be quick to say “everything,” but he says she is so much more than that. There are not enough words in the dictionary to truly describe what Nicolle means to him, and there is not a moment that goes by in life where Jeremy is not grateful to be married to such a beautiful, wonderful woman.

“Her smile lights up a room and she is quick to show it,” he said. “She’s always willing to talk and is a master at keeping a conversation going. She’s always curious about people she meets, and never leaves anywhere without meeting someone new. Every animal is a new pet and every person is a new friend.”

Nicolle has such an amazing personality, and this is why Jeremy fell in love with his wife the moment he first laid eyes on her. She brings him so much joy and she melts his heart on a daily basis, and he truly cannot imagine what life would be like without her.

She is also a wonderful mother of three who would do anything for her kids. Kayla is grown up and out of the house, Logan will soon be heading off to college, and Ashlyn is getting ready to do the same in the next couple years. However, Nicolle’s love for them only grows as they develop into young men and women.

“She always thinks of the kids, even if we are not with them,” Jeremy said. “She is constantly trying to come up with ways to help them improve their life, grades, relationships and everything in between. She is very attentive to their schoolwork, even though sometimes it frustrates them. She is our oldest daughter Kayla’s best friend, and their relationship should be the goal for every parent as their kids get older.”

As the kids have grown, Nicolle has transitioned from just being their mother into being a friend who would do anything for them. That is how she approaches everyone. Nicolle has never met a stranger and tries to make everyone’s life a little better than it was before she met them.

“Nicolle sees the best in people, no matter who they are,” Jeremy said. “She always sees the positive side of any situation, which is what endears me most to her. I could only wish to be that tolerant and perceptive. I often tell people that she is my ‘grace,’ because she always knows the graceful way to handle a situation.”

In contrast, Jeremy is a self-described “bull in a China shop,” socially, and admits that he is often dependent on Nicolle’s skill in these situations. He is thankful every day for his wife’s patience with him, and tries his best to learn grace and poise from his her. He loves her genuineness and how much she loves so many people, and he wishes more people would be like her.

“Nicolle is literally the nicest, most genuine human being I have ever met, and I try every day to stay worthy of her attention, although in my mind, I do not always live up to that effort,” Jeremy said.

While he knows he does not live up to the expectations he has for himself to be more like his wife, Jeremy knows that Nicolle loves him no matter what.

She would do anything for him, and he is appreciative of the fact that she is always in his corner. He knows his life is infinitely greater because he is married to Nicolle, and he wants her to know that he will love her forever and for always.

“My favorite memory of Nicolle is always the last time I saw her,” he said. “Currently, that is this morning when I got out of bed to make coffee and do some computer work. She was still lying in bed getting some extra sleep and gave me a kiss good morning and smiled at me. That is my favorite memory… until later today.”

It is amazing to see that, after 18 years of marriage, Jeremy still loves his wife as much as he did when they first met. Life just keeps getting better and better because in his eyes he is married to the most awesome woman alive.

He cannot wait to see what the future holds for them, and he is ready to spend the rest of his life with her, exploring the endless possibilities that life presents.

“Forever is not enough time for me to spend with Nicolle, and I do not think I have ever really managed to convey that to her adequately,” Jeremy said. “I am hoping that, by sharing this with her, she will understand how deep my love for her goes, and that I will spend all of my remaining time trying to remind her.”better than before

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