Cheers To The Future: Cate is loved and appreciated by everybody, and Tyler is looking forward to tying the knot with her

It all started with a Tinder match and some flirty text messages back and forth.

This is the way Tyler Sternadel and Catherine Cramer first got to know each other. However, once they started spending more and more time together, they realized that they were with the right person. They have always made each other laugh and smile, and they genuinely enjoy being in each other’s company, and now they are engaged to be married.

Catherine, better known to her family and friends as Cate, has such a great personality that has always attracted Tyler to her. She loves people, particularly family, and she is anything but self-centered.

“She is loving and selfless,” Tyler said. “Family is the most important thing to her and she would do anything for them. She also has a strong desire to help animals.”

Taking care of others is something Cate has always had a knack for. She loves being able to help anyone or any animal in any capacity, and that is why being a veterinarian technician fits her to a T.

When she is at work, Cate looks after her patients (animals) and makes sure they get the best care possible. She also has the ability to connect with the families of her patients, and she will always tell them what they need to hear, even if it is not always what they want to hear.

Cate is like this outside of work as well. She is constantly looking out for her family and friends, and Tyler will reiterate time and time again how much family truly means to his fiancée. 

“She is a hard working and very loving individual,” Tyler said. “Family is very important to her and she would do anything to help them. She can also overcome any challenges that are thrown her way.”

Life is full of ups and downs, but Cate is never afraid to face anything head-on. She faces challenges with ease and her optimism toward life helps her get through the toughest of times.

She is also a very uplifting person. She brings out the best in others, and she is so encouraging to others. She also teaches people many things, and her fiancé is a direct result of how impactful Cate can be.

“My love for her and the desire I have to provide a great life for her makes me a better person,” Tyler said. “It makes me work hard and continue to pursue my dream job by going to school.”

Being with Cate is something Tyler does not take for granted, and he is truly looking forward to marrying her. She is the love of his life and the one person he cannot live without, and he cannot wait to build a future with her.

“I want Cate to know that she is my best friend and my whole life. I love her with everything I have, and I want her to know that, even if I don’t show it sometimes. I want her to see how beautiful and amazing she is from someone else’s perspective.” – Tyler

Cheers To The Future: Cate & Tyler

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