Soulmates: Amber is the love of Stephen’s life, and he is truly grateful for her

Sometimes it’s best not to take your best friend’s advice when it comes to relationships.

Stephen Kelly ignored his friend Marcus’s advice when it came to asking out fellow high school teacher Amber Fellers – and he is so glad he did.

“I knew Amber was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with just by the amount of joy she brought to my life,” Stephen said. “She is my best friend. We talk to each other about everything.”

Stephen and Amber both grew up in the same city and had many mutual friends. But they did not know each other until they met one day during a staff meeting for the high school teachers.

“I couldn’t take my eyes off her,” Stephen says now. “Marcus was one of my best friends then and he was a mutual friend between us. He advised me NOT to ask her out. But I ignored his advice!”

Stephen and Amber have been married almost four years. Marcus remains a best friend, almost like an extended member of the Kelly family.

While Stephen has moved on from the high school, Amber is now in her eighth year as both a biology teacher and gymnastics coach.

“She is very hardworking and successful at her job,” Stephen said. “She has done an amazing job coaching her gymnastics students and has led them to State a few times.”

Given her role, Amber naturally enjoys attending college gymnastics competitions for fun. She also hopes of one day visiting the Olympics to see gymnasts on the world stage.

But one of Amber’s greatest hopes and dreams have already been realized – being a mom.

“Motherhood has come so naturally to her,” Stephen said. “I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else who I could raise a family with.”

Stephen and Amber have a two-year-old daughter, Riley, and another baby girl is on the way.

As a mom, Amber is naturally patient, nurturing, and creative. She goes out of her way to plan amazing meals and she is very resourceful when it comes to finding recipes, clothes, or toys for Riley.

“She wants the very best for us,” said Stephen. “She works diligently for our family and is very humble in the process.”

The family travels to see friends, family, and baseball stadiums, as well as musical festivals and concerts.
“We mostly enjoy activities rather than giving gifts,” Stephen said. “We prefer to go out and do something together. Just getting to see new sights together has been some of the best times.”

While life has become hectic and having children sometimes takes away from their quality time they used to have as a couple, Stephen wants to make sure Amber knows just how much she means to him this Valentine’s Day.

“I love her immensely,” he said. “She is patient and kind. She is the perfect person for me.”


Soulmates: Amber and Stephen

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