‘For Infinity’: Life with Meshanna is infinitely better for Johnny and so many others

From their first kiss to their 13 years of dating to their “infinity” wedding to all their vacations together, there is no question that Johnny and Meshanna Cason’s relationship is full of fun and adventures and good times.

On top of that, there has never been any doubt in Johnny’s mind that Meshanna is the one for him. She is an amazing woman with so much compassion and love, and she is truly a remarkable, one of a kind woman.

“She is beautiful, kind hearted, my best friend, and has great morals and family values,” Johnny said. “Meshanna is organized, hardworking, outgoing, a social butterfly, a planner, giving, fun and adventurous, stylish and smart.”

There is much to be said about this wonderful woman. Meshanna is special in every way, and her personality is off the charts.

Meshanna definitely has a sense of spirit and adventure too, as she loves going on cruises and ziplining. She is also a great motivator, pushing those around her to be the best version of themselves. Meshanna is even breaking barriers, as she is the safety director for a commercial roofing company.

On top of all this, Meshanna is also a great role model to many, especially her children. Her sons – Luke (29), Trevor (27) and Haden (26) – all look up to their mom even to this day, and for good reason. Meshanna has always been a sense of support for them, and she is a big reason why they are the men they are today.

“She is a great mother of our boys, putting them on the right track for success… Graduating high school and college! She also spent time instilling her morals and values in them, always with great advice for their situations in life,” Johnny said.

And now she gets to do the same with her grandchild. She loves Luke’s daughter more than anything, and Johnny definitely cherishes their relationship and bond.

“She is a great ‘Shanny’ to our granddaughter LR,” Johnny said. “Meshanna is so loving and playful with her.”

Meshanna is not just a great mother and grandmother either. She is a wonderful wife to Johnny, always pushing him to be the best version of himself. She brings out the best in him, and he wants to be everything she deserves.

“She is always pushing me in my business and social life to be better to all, never letting me ‘settle’ for less,” Johnny said. “She also teaches me to be more giving and kind to other people.”

Being there for others is something Meshanna is very good at, and Johnny hopes to one day be as good at treating others with kindness and respect as his wife is.

Overall, Meshanna is just a truly remarkable person and she is constantly a beacon of light in this dark world. So many people could not imagine their lives without her, and Johnny in particular is looking to spend an eternity – infinity – with the love of his life.

“I love her more and more every day! I thank God for bringing us together and allowing us to live out our lives together! I just want her to know that I appreciate everything she does and that I would be totally lost without her.” – Johnny


‘For Infinity’: Meshanna Cason

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