Comfort In Hugs: Sarah Strand is a beloved wife, mom, friend and teacher who is living her best life with the love of her life

Ask Mick and Sarah Strand about fate and they will tell you they would not be together if they did not believe in it.

When they first met, the Strands passingly knew they were supposed to be together, but the timing was not right, and time slowly ticked on by. One day, he randomly contacted her, and the dominoes started to fall into place. After less than a year after dating, Mick and Sarah were engaged, and they have been happily married ever since then.

“She means everything to me,” Mick said. “She has found a special place in me that no one has ever found. She knows when I am sad and going to a dark place before I even know. She has literally saved my life. She got me to a doctor and made sure I took all my medications. She can also read my mind, so she knows when I am up or down. She unconditionally loves me and does not allow me to go off track.”

From day one, Sarah has always been there for Mick, and that is one of the many things he loves about her. He cannot imagine a more loving person in he or his daughter’s life than Sarah, and he is happy to call her his wife.

“She is a wonderful mom,” Mick said. “She has tucked Sadie into bed every night since she was born. She reads to her every night, and they say special prayers and it is a special time of day for both of them. It doesn’t matter if Sarah is tired, sick, in a bad mood or had a rough day, she always has that special time with Sadie.”

Sarah’s love and compassion for her daughter is completely unmatched, and they have a special bond that would truly warm anyone’s heart. Mick is just glad that he gets to sit back and watch the bond between his wife and his daughter grow stronger with each day.

She has learned how to love from her hard-working role models of parents and her outdoor-loving big sister, Sydney. They have taught Sarah how to love her family, especially her daughter, and they have shown her how to be compassionate.

The love does not stop at family, however, as Sarah shows a special compassion and admiration for her students. Sarah is a high school math teacher, and the true care and support she has for her students is reciprocal, as they absolutely love and adore Mrs. Strand.

“My favorite thing about my wife is her love of life and people,” Mick said. “She is hard not to love. Students come up in the middle of the day, and sometimes they just need a hug from her. Her current school has boarding students from overseas, and some students say those hugs feel like home.”

Giving a hug so loving it feels like home is a gift not many people have, but it is certainly a gift Sarah has. Her students, friends, family and everyone in between are lucky to be comforted by such a wonderful woman, and everyone who knows Sarah is glad they do, especially her husband.

From getting these hugs on a daily basis, to spending a magical honeymoon in Rome and Paris with Sarah, to climbing Mount Katahdin together, Mick is glad he gets to do this life with his love, and he is glad they get to live their best lives together. They mean everything to each other, and they will always be there for one another.

“Sarah, I don’t say it enough, but I love you with all of my being! I could not be happier. I do not always show how happy I am, but I am truly the happiest person in the world. You give me such peace in my sometimes troubled mind. I love you!” – Mickcomfort in hugs

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