Faithful Love: Candice Pretko is a dedicated wife, a loving mother of 4, and a perfect example of Christ-like love

Candice Pretko works hard in her day job as a school counselor, but she also pulls double-duty as a high-powered “executive” at home.

Her title? She’s the CEO of raising her four kids — Reagan (7), Xander (5), Justus (4) and Bristol (2) — with purpose, faith and love, and she stops at nothing to get that job done.

Justin couldn’t imagine a better person than his wife to guide, teach and raise their kids to be strong in their principles and faith. From his perspective, Candice is “beautiful inside and out” and ready and willing to sacrifice by always putting her family first.

“She is the CEO of all our kids coming and goings and always makes sure they have everything they need on the daily,” Justin said. “Her kids know she loves them unconditionally. She shares her faith in Christ and shows them what it means to be a Christian woman.

“She loves her kids so much. She takes care of everything for them, whether it was feeding them throughout the night as babies or soothing them when they have a bad dream. Her sleep is always compromised for her kids.”

Faith in Christ is a big part of what makes Candice the kind-hearted wife, mother and friend she is. She is sound in her walk with Jesus and stays positive and focused on others’ needs before her own. Candice is empathetic by nature and builds people up, which drives her relationships with her own kids and makes her so impactful to her students.

Justin also leans on Candice and says he wouldn’t be the person he is today without her. He credits her with much of his progress as a man, husband and father and says she even helped him finish a marathon. Candice ran alongside him as he cramped for the final six miles, making it clear that she was there for him and that he could get to the finish line.

“She means everything,” Justin said. “She is my wife, best friend and mother of my children. Without her, I’d be a lost person without purpose.”

Justin had a sense that his purpose was about to change when he and Candice first met at Roberts Wesleyan and, at long last, when he got a first date with her at Leaf and Bean. Justin saw in Candice back then all the wonderful qualities that have been constants in his family and all the years since.

He said he knew right away that Candice was a “true gift and blessing from God,” but still couldn’t have imagined how great of a gift she would be, to him, her children, her students, and countless others. Justin and the kids couldn’t be more grateful for all she does and all the sacrifices she makes for the whole family.

“I love her with all that I am,” Justin said. “And even if I don’t tell her enough, I appreciate her and all she does for me and our kids.”faithful love

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