Daughter Comes First: This is the mentality for this awesome mother; there is no denying that being the BEST mother is part of her nature

Dylan Jones said that anybody would be remiss to not mention Mallory McCormick’s sense of humor and her kind, fun-loving personality.

Mallory is creative, loyal and hard working, but that is just a small part of who she truly is. More than anything she is a loving mother to her 8-month-old daughter, Layla Noel Jones. When Dylan talks about Mallory, you can just tell how much appreciation he has for her as a mother, and he knows that he could not ask for a better one for Layla.

I think they have a great relationship,” Dylan said. “She is always looking after her, putting Layla before herself in any situation. Mallory takes care of Layla first and foremost. They seem to have an undeniable bond that only a mother and daughter can have.”

There is nothing more important to Mallory than their daughter, and this is something that makes Dylan more and more proud of her each and every day. He sees the love that exudes from Mallory constantly, and he knows that there is not a single thing she would not do for Layla.

In everything she does, Mallory makes sure that Layla is at the center of it all. She plans everything around making sure that she can love and nurture Layla to her fullest ability, and Dylan is always amazed at what an incredible mother Mallory is. It just comes naturally.

“She has such a dedication to what she does, an unbelievable amount of love striving to better herself and she is committed to the ones she loves – physically, emotionally and with her time,” Dylan said.

It comes as a surprise to no one that Mallory is such an amazing and loving mother, as that is how she has always been with the people she cares most about. She is so selfless and so compassionate toward her family and friends, and this selflessness and compassion is taken to a whole new level with Layla.

Creating a true sense of family, Mallory makes the emphasis of their time spent being the three of them, making memories TOGETHER!

Although Dylan and Mallory see the importance of their time together as a couple, they make  sure that they are around their daughter as much as possible. They have taken her on so many excursions and adventures already. Mallory and Dylan both enjoy food and trying new culinary experiences, so Layla’s happy place has become restaurants and then, of course, anytime outside enjoying the outdoors.

Layla heard a lot of sounds at the restaurant in the womb,” Dylan said. “The sounds of people conversing and the general ambience of a restaurant are well-known to her.”

There are so many things that make Mallory such an amazing human being, but there is nothing more important to her than her little family of three. Dylan is thankful each and every day for her, and he is glad that she has helped shape him into a better person and a better father throughout the entirety of their relationship.

“I love you so much, Mallory, and I am not sure where or who I would be without you,” he said. “You help me be a better person, father and man on a daily basis, and I am so excited to spend the rest of my life with you and our family.”daughter comes first

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