Day Ones: These lifelong friends and their wives are an unbreakable group

All friendships are built over time, but in the case of the Grants and the Grows, their friendship began building in the crib.

Buddy Grant and JJ Grow have been friends quite literally since birth, and their friendship has blossomed into their wives and them becoming very tight knit over the years. Even much so that Buddy and his wife, Susan, actually introduced JJ and his wife, Jennifer, to each other.

“We have been close friends with JJ and Jennifer for a very long time,” the Grants said. “They are some of our dearest friends. Our relationship continues to grow, and our friendship is as strong as it has ever been. We introduced JJ and Jennifer to each other, were with them on their first date and for every major milestone in all of our lives since.”

Now that is true friendship right there.

They have been with each other through every good moment and every bad one, and they are such great friends and supporters of one another.

The Grants have been alongside JJ and Jennifer long enough to know what great family people they are, and what a wonderful job they have done in making sure their blended family does not feel like anything less than a true family.

“They are a very strong family,” Susan and Buddy said. “Through good and bad times, they support and promote each other. They also have a strong sense of community responsibility.  JJ and Jennifer are both committed to making things better than they found them. They always make time for friends and are very thoughtful of those they are close to.”

JJ and Jennifer are such selfless people who care about others, and they show it daily.

Their commitment to everything they put their minds to is nothing short of inspiring, and the Grants are blessed to be friends with such wonderful people.

“We have celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and weddings together,” the Grants said. “We have fished the Keys, skied the mountains in Colorado and hiked glaciers together in Alaska. We have also sat around a fire at hunting camp as well as enjoying college football games together. It does not really matter what we are doing; the point for us is that we are doing it together as friends.”

As long as the Grants and Grows are together, they are going to have a good time and they are going to enjoy each other’s company.

That is what friendship means to them. They do not have to do extravagant activities because, if they are together, that is all they need.

Susan and Buddy are glad they are friends with such compassionate people, and they are glad their friendship will continue to blossom as the years continue to go by.

“These friends are once in a lifetime friends. We want them to know how much we love and care about them. They mean more to us than just friends, they are family, and we cannot imagine our life without them in it.” – Susan and Buddy

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