‘Destined For Greatness’: These three simple words hold a whole lot of meaning in the Levin household

“Destined for Greatness”.

When you talk to Paul Levin about his relationship with his wife Anne Victorin that phrase comes up again and again.

The couple met in college at Illinois State University and then reconnected 11 years ago on “THE FACEBOOK” and yet all along Paul was convinced this was meant to be and that they were on a path towards big things.

“She’s just an amazing person that is working hard to reach her potential,” said Paul.

“She has the same big picture mindset and high expectations that I do.”

That amazing person includes being funny and silly, outgoing, gregarious and boisterous, and an absolutely terrific mom to son Crinion James aka Crinny J.

Crinny J loves spending as much time as possible with his mom whether they are making sugar cookies and acting silly or playing with their beloved boxers, Trinity and IV.

“I just love hanging out with my mom, singing when we’re really screaming, ordering and unwrapping Amazon packages, convincing her to buy me more chocolate, and staying up past my bedtime,” said Crinny J.

“She is a terrific mom,” said Paul.

“She would do anything for him.”

Anne loves to watch the newest shows, read the most recent fashion magazines, and be front and center in social circles.

“She likes to bring the energy and make sure everyone has a great time,” said Paul.

There’s no hesitation from Paul when asked about his favorite memory with Anne; the rendezvous in Washington DC after reconnecting on “THE FACEBOOK” and seeing each other in person for the first time in over 20 years.

“She is a tenacious big picture thinker with an undeniable desire to be in the know,” said Paul.

She also has a tremendous desire to do what’s best for Crinion who is striving every day to be the best friend possible to all of his friends and the best brother to Trinity and IV.

While spending every minute possible hanging with Crinion James, the couple also likes to walk their dogs, workout, and plan for “what’s next!”

Paul is so thankful for Anne and so glad to have her in his life that he wanted to do something truly special and unique for her this year, so he had a story written all about her and how wonderful she is.

“She has the same big picture mindset and high expectations that I do,” said Paul.

“Like I said, destined for greatness.”destined for greatness

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