Joyful Success: Kelsey Mae’s positivity is taking her far in life, and her husband is just glad he is along for the ride

The Covid pandemic may have a lot of negatives connected to it, but for Kelsey Mae Merrill, it has brought about a new career and a newfound passion.

In 2020, Kelsey Mae became a cookie aficionado, also known as a cookier, and she has taken up this new skill and run with it. She went from creating “works of art that taste like joy” with friends and family to establishing herself as a high end sugar cookie decorator; providing training, supplies and many other things to help out aspiring cookiers.

Find Sweet Joy is not just a business name, but it’s her life’s mission statement and how she has been making an impact in the cookie industry from day one. Her husband Drew could not be prouder of all he has seen his wife accomplish through it all.

“The industry itself is going through legislative opportunities to create some laws and make changes,” Drew said. “The laws they are currently operating under are archaic, so she is trying to help create change for these cookiers moving forward. She is finding joy in it. She is finding joy for her family, for herself and for her project. She is also finding joy to help enable them to do better as an industry. She gives customers a great product and a great experience. She is just exploring more ways to bring joy to the industry and the process. She is really having an influence on the culture of the industry, which is important to her.”

Through everything Kelsey Mae does, she does it with joy. She is a very positive, upbeat person, and people love being around Kelsey Mae. That is part of what has helped make her so successful, and that is why so many people like going to her for any needs within the industry.

She has picked up this skill with such ease and with such success, and Drew knows this is something that Kelsey Mae is truly called to do.

“Her creative ability and attention to detail help make her successful,” he said. “Her execution is exquisite. I’m always amazed at her vision and how she can create things. She will see something and create a masterpiece out of it. On top of that, she is helping people through that. Being able to have a vision is tough enough, and then teaching other people to replicate it is a whole other level. It’s just rare to see someone who can take something from part to art so beautifully.”

It is a rare trait that only a truly unique, one-of-a-kind person like Kelsey Mae possesses. She has such a creative mind, and on top of it all, she is such a giving person who is using her creativity to not only find success in her own business, but to help others find success in their businesses as well.

She is a great role model to all, especially her two sons, who Drew says are fortunate to have such a loving, teaching mother in their lives. She is so hands-on with them, and she is constantly working to teach them important life lessons.

She makes life fun with her joy and creativity, and she has an optimistic attitude like no other. Drew knows he got lucky with her, and he is beyond grateful for his loving, devoted wife.

“I think it warrants being said that she has a love and care for people and family, and is an incredibly selfless person who does not put herself in front enough,” he said. “She gets far more reward and sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when she brings that excitement and joy to others. She feels it by spreading it instead of feeling it innately. She is just an incredible problem solver who pays attention to the little details.”

Keep being you and bringing joy and happiness into this world, Kelsey Mae.joyful success

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