Misty Curtis

Misty Curtis was born one of seven children along the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, and to this day she still cooks like she’s feeding ten souls. She is a devoted person above all other attributes. Devotion to God and her family have been her guiding lights her entire life. Today she now pours most of her energy into a family of three sons, a husband plus a baby on the way.

Misty met her future husband, Paul, for a first date at a bowling alley. They had met virtually through a dating site called ‘Plenty of Fish’, but in person to go bowling and then dinner. Paul said he could tell she was nervous because she talked a lot. This had been a difficult period in Paul’s life, but little did he know that he had discovered his rock.

He says about Misty, “She makes me a better person through accountability. She gives me a reason to stay sober. We met just a few weeks after I got back from rehab for alcohol. She was the perfect mix of faith and family dynamic to help me on my personal journey.”

That first date would lead to a great team, which was important because they had a family of boys to raise; Fallyn who is ten, Oliver who is eight, and Gideon who is six . The newest member, Chance, is due in the Spring of 2022. Paul remarks, “I enjoy just being married and helping her raise her 2 boys and her helping me raise my son. We are a great team. She gets irritated at times but I keep her grounded.”

Raising a family this size is an adventure. With so much child wrangling and cooking to be done, you would understand if that was all Misty had time for, but she also works finding folks transitional housing and has hobbies in exercise, hiking, reading and travel.

Misty is a great mother because she is loving and caring. She also has this drive to keep learning and getting better, a characteristic she showed when she travelled across the country to go to school at BYU. Her mantra is ‘progress not perfection.’

Paul summed up his love for Misty in this way, “I am grateful to her for being a great mother to our children and a devoted wife. I want her to know how much she is loved and appreciated by me and our children.”misty curtis

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