Do not let anything stand in your way


Many times in life, it can be easy to get discouraged and feel like we are good enough. When we fail at something, we may just give up rather than continue to practice and push through. And when something may seem like it is preventing us from ever succeeding, we do not try to push past this obstacle.

In the video below, we see someone who could easily be discouraged and let their “disability” define them. Instead, this guy uses his wheelchair as inspiration to do the unexpected. You would not think that a wheelchair would allow someone to do something like rock climbing, but this guy said otherwise.



When we get challenging obstacles that come our way, how we respond tells a lot about us. We can either let these obstacles prevent us from success, or we can be like this guy and use these obstacles to our advantage. Obstacles and whether we can be successful despite them have a lot to do with perspective, so it is time for us to have a better perspective on life when things get in our way.

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