Endless Love: Nicole Maurer loves and cares about everyone and everything

Nicole Maurer is a giver.

A caregiver, to be more specific.

In every aspect of her life that is the part that resonates over and over again.  It’s who she is.

“She is an empathetic person who has a big heart and will do anything to keep her children healthy and safe,” said her husband, Matt.

“We are so grateful to have her as the leader of our home.”

That “we” Matt is talking about includes the couple’s children, Ava (7) and Connor (5).  Nikki consistently puts all of their needs ahead of her own and even if Matt doesn’t always say it, he notices.

Nikki is the middle child of Kenny and Janis Artz and was born in Troy, OH in 1981.

She is a nurse who has worked both in the ER as well as the labor & delivery unit at different hospitals.  She currently helps the county health department with vaccines and is the liaison between the schools and the local health department which basically makes her a hero these days.

When she’s not caring for her family or patients she’s caring for animals.  She’ll find homeless animals and bring them home for carrots and blankets.  What can you say, she’s got the caring gene.  She is even willing to feed her prized mutt Peyton by mouth like a mother bird.  She was once called the Mother Teresa of Homeless Felines.

Matt and Nikki went to high school together but never dated until 8 years later when they were out with a group of friends at a bar and started talking.  Next thing you know the couple was watching “The Office” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and the rest, as they say, is history.

“I met her family and they treated me like a son/brother,” said Matt.

“At that time, I had just started an unprofitable lawn service business and lived with my mother. She never said anything about that and encouraged me to continue building up my business.”

Caring.  Supporting.  You can add those two to the other words Matt used to describe her: Unselfish, Patient, Generous, & Calm under pressure.  Epic Musician was another word to describe her.  Matt said she enjoys watching hand bell videos and playing her recorder.  She was once named Musician of the Year at Cookson Elementary School.

The couple still likes watching shows together although now they supplement that with pool time, board games, and wrestling.  Each other, evidently.

She’s also taught Matt how to be better at his most important job; being a dad.

“She shows me how to be a great parent by being patient and unselfish.”

“She pushes me to be more positive and enjoy life memories instead of locking on some of the negative outside influences in daily life.”

Her husband and kids couldn’t be prouder of who she is every single day.

“We enjoy every day we get to spend with you.  The whole family is lucky to have such a wonderful mother and wife,” said Matt.

“Still not sure about your choice of pets or husband but it has been a fun ride.  Can’t wait to see what the future holds for our family!”endless love

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