Endless Passion: Joanne is constantly making sacrifices that make a true difference in the lives of those around her

For Todd LeDoux, the last six years have been the best six years of his life.

Why is that exactly? It has a little something to do with the fact that he has spent the last six years with the love of his life. Joanne is the most amazing woman he has ever met, and she is someone who has always been there for him, through thick and thin.

Every good moment and every bad moment, they go through them together, and Todd is glad he has a woman as good as Joanne right by his side in every step they take in life.

“We’ve been dating for six years,” Todd said. “Nobody deserves better things in life than she does. She’s a wonderful person and she’s got such a great heart. Joanne keeps me steady and keeps me looking forward; she keeps me on the right track! She keeps me out of trouble too.”

Todd and Joanne have such a great relationship and they love each other very much. They are always there for each other, and they have each other’s back no matter what.

So, how exactly did they meet?

“We met at Blue Martini in Orlando,” Todd said. “We hit it off when we started talking and discussing different things. We decided to go to the beach the next day and she brought a six pack of Coors Light.”

That’s the moment Todd realized this girl is the girl he plans to spend the rest of his life with. Without even knowing, she brought his favorite beer to one of his favorite hangout spots, and they got along really well.

Their conversations were always great, and they were always lengthy and meaningful conversations, and Todd loves every moment he gets to spend with Joanne.

She has so many great qualities that he adores about her, and he is drawn to how great of a person she truly is.

“Her passion for anything and everything is phenomenal,” he said. “It’s the best and worst thing about her. It’s the best thing because it is important to be passionate, but it is also the worst thing because it can get her in trouble as well. She can get wrapped up in her passion, which is both good and bad.”

Joanne can get so wrapped up in the things she truly cares about that she can forget to think about herself at all. She loves to help other people and she is passionate about her friends and family, and she would truly do anything for them.

Joanne is a selfless person to a tee, and it is part of what makes her who she is.

“She cares so much about people,” Todd said. “She puts her friends way before herself. Sometimes I tell her she has to think about herself and put herself in a healthy position. Whatever it takes to help out a friend, she is the first one there. She keeps thinking of others and other circumstances before she will consider herself.”

Joanne is compassionate and loving, and she always wants what is best for other people.

This is especially true when it comes to her family. Nothing can come between Joanne and family, and that is evidenced every single day.

“She is always there for anything that deals with her family or my family,” Todd said. “At the same time, when things get tough around us, it will never get tough between us. She is a great teammate. She steps up when I can’t do something and makes me want to do the same for her.”

Joanne is a great companion, and Todd cannot think of a better woman to have by his side throughout life.

She is such an amazing person, and she is very sacrificial. Whether she likes something or not, if someone she cares about likes it, she will get some sort of enjoyment from it.

“I’m a huge sports fan,” Todd said. “One of the things about her is whoever she cares about, she seems to go along with it. We often say we want to keep making memories and doing adventures together. I’m trying to visit every MLB park and she helps me put that together.”

This is just one of the many ways Joanne is there for Todd every day, and it is one of the many amazing characteristics that makes him fall more and more in love with her every day.

Joanne is his best friend and the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with, and he cannot wait to see what the future holds for them.

“When things around us get difficult, things between us never will. You deserve everything! Joanne, I love you very much and I think about you every day. I’m looking forward to thinking about you every day for the rest of our lives!” – Toddendless passion

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