Entrepreneurial Insight for Veterans

If you are a veteran looking to start your own business, first let us say thank you for your service. There is no greater sacrifice than giving your entire self for the well-being and safety of your country. As a veteran, you should and do have access to a few resources that can help you enter civilian life as a business owner if that’s what you choose.

Today on My FrontPage Story’s blog, we will share a few of these and touch on other ways that you can get started quickly and with as few snags as possible.

Veteran Resources

The Office Of Veterans Business Development is one of your greatest resources for funding, veteran entrepreneurship training programs, access to government contracts, counseling and resources for military veterans. These include:

  • Boots to Business
  • Lender Match
  • HUBZone

In addition to these, there are many organizations that can help you do everything, from coming up with a business idea to refining your skills. Regardless of what you choose to do, Digital.com suggests establishing a niche and utilizing the resources available to you.

Business Structure

When you’re thinking about starting a business, its structure may not be the first thing on your mind. It should be. Your business structure defines how you run your business. And in many cases, it can even keep you from being personally liable if something happens to your business income. Many small businesses choose either an S Corp or LLC structure, as each of these helps you bypass self-employment taxes. Mercury Bank covers a few of the pros and cons of each of the business types, including asset protection and investor friendliness.

Professionals That Can Help

Businesses are typically not run by an individual. Instead, even the most skilled entrepreneurs need a helping hand sometimes. Whether you choose to work with a web designer, graphic artist or even virtual assistant, you want to make sure you can collaborate. This is easily accomplished with a PDF. If you’ve never used an online PDF editor, you should know that PDFs are easy to switch between platforms, such as your phone or your desktop. You can also make changes, add graphics, digital sticky notes and text, and then save again so that you don’t have to waste time explaining changes in an email or private message.

Other tips on getting started include:

  • Including your veteran status in your marketing materials. There are many great reasons that people in the US buy from veterans, including to show patriotism and support our nation’s heroes.
  • Deciding where you’ll work. You have many options, and you may choose to lease or buy a brick-and-mortar business or conduct your work remotely. If you are a disabled veteran, especially, remote work makes sense since you can offset mobility issues without sacrificing the quality of the service you provide to your customers.
  • Engaging in sustainable growth. We all want our businesses to grow, but it makes the most sense to grow slowly and sustainably. Although you may be excited after you make your first sale or snag your first client, perfect your processes before you expand.

Again, thank you for your service, and we hope the preceding information, including the tips on using a PDF and showcasing your veteran status as you grow, will make starting your business a bit easier. 

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