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Entrepreneurial Insight for Veterans

Post by Sam Marcum

October 17, 2022


Indian wedding

How wedding customs differ in different countries

Post by Nathaniel Chambers

October 18, 2022

Every country has weddings, but the customs of each country changes the customs of weddings depending on a number of factors, which is what makes them such a unique and special day for everyone. In the US, we have many traditional weddings according to many Americans’ viewpoints, but we also get a taste of other wedding traditions and customs from other countries on occasion.

In Norway, Armenia, Germany and Scotland, there are different methods used to ward off evil spirits. Brides in Norway wear crowns to deflect these spirits, while in Armenia newlywed couples walk into their wedding reception balancing lavash flatbread on their shoulders. At the same time, polterabend (guests breaking plates) is a wedding tradition in Germany while in Scotland the wedding party will cover the bride and groom with anything from ash to flour and parade them around town the day before their wedding in order to ward off evil spirits.

In China, it is tradition to carry the bride while having a big affair in front of the bride and groom.

In Greece, the groomsmen shave the groom on his wedding day, putting a literal sense to the word “groomsmen.” I hope they don’t nick the groom’s face though!

In Romania and some small towns in Germany, friends steal or kidnap the bride. It is then up to the groom to find and pay a ransom for his soon-to-be wife.

In Japan and Korea, you should not expect to find yourself on the dance floor at the reception, as dancing at these weddings is against customs. Additionally, there are no vows or rings exchanged during Korean weddings.

Additionally, while it is customary to get a gift off the wedding registry in many countries, spouses and guests have also begun to surprise the couples with a FrontPage Story, as it is an opportunity to help immortalize the loving couple forever.

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unity day

Stop bullying and harassment (Day of Unity)

Post by Xiaotong Meng

October 19, 2022

Every October is National Bullying Prevention Month. On the third or fourth Wednesday of this month is Day of Unity, one of the anti-bullying movements.

Bullying, an aggressive behavior that involves power imbalance. This phenomenon not only appears among schools and children, but also in the animal world.

Since the rise of hunter-gatherer culture many years ago, the trend of insulting someone who is weak or small began to be common.

Slowly but surely, we can see that browbeat and harassment happen everywhere — school, workplace or even on the street.

As a result, the Minnesota-based PACER claimed the National Bullying Prevention Month campaign in 2011, in order to make children feel safe at school.

On this day, you can wear something orange, engage in different activities to show your support and fight against bullying.


resolving conflict

Resolve conflicts and move on to the next step (Conflict Resolution Day)

Post by Xiaotong Meng

October 20, 2022

Yes, you read correctly. Today, October 27, is Cranky Co-Workers Day to celebrate your colleagues’ bad, grumpy moods in the office.

Have you ever noticed that there are always some of your co-workers who are very grouchy all the time?

Do not freak out. On this day, you can become exceedingly negative and join those irritated people to have some fun, or just simply let them be.

Imagine when you walk into the office with a stern face, complain about every little thing and get crabby. How would your co-workers react? Today is absolutely the best moment for you to give it a try.


anniversary present

History of anniversary gift giving

Post by Nathaniel Chambers

October 21, 2022

Anniversary gift giving has a rich history.

It was first started in the 1700s as a German tradition called silberne hochzeit, where husbands (or their friends) would gift their wives silver wreaths on their 25th anniversary and gold wreaths on their 50th anniversary. This is actually how silver and gold weddings came about, and The Old Farmer’s Almanac started the expanded gift list we know today.

And although the sugar wedding gift tradition after the first month of marriage has dwindled away, the rest are mostly the same, in which couples are supposed to give one another a gift consisting of a different material.

The traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year are as follows:

First anniversary: Paper (strength and connectivity)

Second anniversary: Cotton (interwovenness)

Third anniversary: Leather (rich and rugged; durable and protective)

Fourth anniversary: Fruit/Flowers (blossoming and ripening; sweet and sentimental)

Fifth anniversary: Wood (strength and durability; eternal roots)

Sixth anniversary: Candy/Iron (sweetness; growth and maturity)

Seventh anniversary: Copper/Wool (warmth)

Eighth anniversary: Bronze (strength and reinforcement)

Ninth anniversary: Pottery (molding of great beauty and lasting presence)

10th anniversary: Aluminum/Tin (strength and resilience)

11th anniversary: Seel (steely resolve)

12th anniversary: Silk/Linen (opulence and luxury)

13th anniversary: Lace (delicacy and loveliness)

14th anniversary: Ivory (strength and toughness)

15th anniversary: Crystal (clarity and sparkle)

16th anniversary: Wax (hard and tough; malleable)

17th anniversary: Furniture (sustainability)

18th anniversary: Porcelain (coveted beauty from humble beginnings)

19th anniversary: Bronze (brightness)

20th anniversary: China (splendor; beauty and delicacy)

25th anniversary: Silver (brilliance and shine)

30th anniversary: Pearl (innocence and honesty; rarity)

35th anniversary: Coral (love and friendship)

40th anniversary: Ruby (beauty, protection, wisdom and power)

45th anniversary: Sapphire (wisdom, faithfulness and sincerity)

50th anniversary: Gold (modesty, faith and affection)

55th anniversary: Emerald (love, fertility, inspiration and hope)

60th anniversary: Diamond (unbreakable and indestructible)

And of course, a story from MyFrontPageStory.com is the perfect anniversary gift no matter which year you are celebrating together.

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