‘14 Years of Awesome’: Kiersten is celebrating her 14th birthday, and with that she is constantly bringing joy and passion wherever she goes

Kiersten Meadows is a Fortnite playing, homework grinding, compassionate 14-year-old with high standards and a morale unlike any other.

And yet, when you get past just the surface level of who she is, you see someone with so much heart and someone who cares about everything she does. Kiersten is a one-of-a-kind teenager with a passion for social issues, and she is making a difference one bold statement at a time.

“She is incredibly passionate,” her father Craig said. “She’s highly aware of people who have been and continue to be marginalized by our society. She’s opened my eyes to some injustices that might have been a blindspot of mine. She would be a great civil rights lawyer.”

Kiersten is constantly working hard to make a difference in the lives of so many people all around her. She has a bright future ahead of her because of this, but her ability to make a difference is something that is shaping who she is each and every day in the present.

Kiersten is never one to settle for second best, which is why she will work on homework until all hours of the night. She is a very successful student who does not need the help of her parents nearly as much as other girls her age, which her father says is a blessing and a curse.

“She is always on the high honor roll,” Craig said. “She is a black belt in taekwondo and on her way to a second degree. She is also on the robotics team in middle school. She takes it very seriously and doesn’t miss a session in robotics. A lot of kids don’t have the sticktoitiveness to get a second degree black belt… but she does.”

Kiersten is working hard to get her second degree black belt, and her family has no doubts she will reach this achievement.

Kiersten is also someone who is constantly looking out for her sisters. She is the oldest of three girls, and both her parents know there is nothing she would not do for them. She loves them wholeheartedly.

“She is her sisters’ number one defender,” Craig said. “Even against my wife and I. She will leap to her sisters’ defense. Her sisters have someone who is always going to defend them and be there for them.”

Talk about an amazing young girl. Kiersten shows so much heart and compassion wherever she goes, and she has her priorities straight.

It is easy to see why her family speaks so highly of her, and why they are as proud of her as they are. They love her and know she is on a path to greatness, and her parents are proud to call her their daughter.

“Through our agreements and disagreements, I love and appreciate you more than you know,” Craig said. “Don’t change. You do you. Be who you are and don’t change because you are good enough just the way you are.”

“Kiersten, on your 14th birthday I want to thank you for all your amazing accents that make me belly laugh, your hard work and determination,” her mother Kishan said. “Also your fierce nature of trying something new. You love with your entire heart and to that I say thank you and Happy Birthday!”

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