Fancy Like Applebee’s on a Date Night: Not all Applebee’s dates turn out bad, as Rhonda and Kurt Heling are celebrating 15 years of love, happiness, and their opposing tastes in music

Rhonda Heling is the true definition of a family woman. When her husband of 15 years, Kurt, first met Rhonda, he knew right away that she was a keeper in part because of this. He noticed that she was close to her family and that family is the most important thing to her.

And not only does Rhonda put family above everything, but she puts people before herself in every situation. She works in healthcare, so she is constantly taking care of people.

“Rhonda has a focus and drive, yet still makes time for her family,” Kurt said. “She goes out of her way to help her family. For example, when her sisters have had medical issues, she’s opened our home up to them to come and rehab. She is a great mom, and takes the time necessary to help our daughter, Carlissa, wherever necessary, whether it’s with school, extracurricular activities or helping with her horse activities.”

Rhonda is always making sure that everyone’s needs are being met in every situation. She would do anything for her sisters, and she would certainly do anything for her daughter. She loves helping people, and she always has a big smile on her face when she is doing so.

“She has a great smile, and is the best mother and wife a person could ask for,” Kurt said. “Most of what we do these days revolves around Carlissa’s activities, whether it’s her horse shows, volleyball, basketball or other activities.”

Rhonda is always there for her daughter. Whether she is going to an event Carlissa is involved in, or whether she is simply helping her with her homework, Rhonda makes sure she is always taken care of.

“I like to play Word Crush with her,” Carlissa said. “It is a game that we play daily. She also likes to help me with my homework and she likes to help me cook.”

In everything they do, the Helings make sure they do it together. Rhonda and Kurt believe in the importance of spending quality time with their daughter, and they especially believe in the importance of being involved in the church, which includes getting Carlissa involved as well.

Beyond that, they enjoy taking Carlissa around the country, as well as other countries, to show her different cultures and life outside of De Pere, Wisconsin.

“We enjoy traveling together,” Kurt said. “We’ve been to St. Thomas, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, as well as about 15 of the states in the U.S., including Hawaii for our honeymoon. Rhonda has a goal for Carlissa to see all 50 states by the time she graduates high school.”

Kurt and Carlissa are both extremely grateful for the woman Rhonda is. They know she does so many things to help keep their family and their house running smoothly, and even though it might go unspoken, it does not go unnoticed.

“She keeps everything moving, from the lunches being made to the hair being combed and teeth being brushed to picking her up for all her extracurricular activities,” Kurt said. “All this is done with a supportive attitude, without coming down on Carlissa unnecessarily. She’s volunteered at school by helping drive for field trips, helping in the cafeteria and helping at school as teachers’ assistant.”

Rhonda truly does it all. She does not ask for praise or recognition, although she deserves it, and she does all of this with humility. She is so selfless and so caring, and people notice that, whether she realizes it or not.

“She means more than I can describe,” Carlissa said. “She is the best mom ever. She does so many things for me. She is just the best.”

Rhonda is so loved by her family, and she reciprocates that love toward them every day. Even in her hobbies and things she does when she is not working, she is always thinking of her family and getting them involved.

“She enjoys photography, traveling and planning the trips, gardening and spending time with Carlissa,” Kurt said. “She is always teaching her cooking skills, gardening skills and taking pictures and videos of her horse shows, volleyball, and basketball games. Rhonda is a great photographer, and her favorite subject is Carlissa. Often there will be pictures of Carlissa, and sometimes myself, without her, because she is the one always taking the pictures.”

There is nothing Rhonda cannot do, and her many wonderful traits are what Kurt fell in love with and why he married her. And despite their opposing views in music genre, as she is a nosebleed seat country fan while he is more of a Rolling Stones, rock ‘n roll, close-to-the-stage type of fan, Rhonda and Kurt always respect each other’s opinions, even in the few times they do not agree with each other.

From their first date at Applebee’s, to their first trip together in St. Thomas, Kurt and Rhonda have always been by each other’s side, and they are made for each other. They care deeply for one another, and that love is noticed by their daughter.

“They are good together because they love each other and rarely fight,” Carlissa said. “I like going on adventures and vacations with them, especially when we were in the Badlands and Yellowstone.”

The love they show toward each other has not only been vital to their relationship, but has been vital in their relationship with their daughter. Kurt and Rhonda have created a stronger foundation for their daughter than most, and it is something Kurt is extremely grateful for.

Beyond that, he is grateful for his wife in general. He is glad that their paths crossed on, and that they do not ever have to use a dating app again. They are right for each other, and he is glad he gets to grow old with Rhonda.

“Thank you for 15 wonderful years. You are the love of my life and I cannot imagine life without you. Love you, Rhonda!” – KurtApplebee's on a date night

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