Giving Back to Those Who Serve or Served and Their Families

The reason you’re free is because of those who served or are actively serving. They keep you and your family safe. However, while they’re fighting for you and your family, they’re often neglecting their mental health and are away from their families. You can find ways to help veterans in your community by knowing some ways to assist. Today, My FrontPage Story shares some tips that can help you get started.


Help Them Find Resources and Work

Actively listen to the veterans you know. Determine if they’re having difficulty finding housing or landing a job, or maybe something else is bothering them. If you’re a business owner, there are many reasons for hiring veterans, including transferable skills they’ve learned during their service. Look for vets to be loyal, responsible, trainable, and highly adaptable.

Take time to research what resources are available to them and direct them to services that cater specifically to them. For instance, the Department of Veterans Affairs provides the option of low-interest, no-down-payment mortgages for veterans. Educate them about the program, and offer your assistance in filling out the necessary paperwork. 

If the individual is struggling to find a job, help them look for one. Inquire about their education and work history, and think about career paths their skill set matches. You can create a professional resume for them. Fortunately, even if you’re not a professional resume writer, you can find guides online to aid in the process. By helping them find a job, you also help their families. 

Another great option for veterans is to go back to school, where their discipline and determination can give them a distinctive advantage. A degree in business can be especially helpful; take a look at this option, which makes use of the flexibility of online programs to allow veterans to learn at their own pace. Also, special scholarships for veterans may be available, as well.


Discuss Their Business Aspirations

As a current or former service member, Invoice Home notes that a person has what it takes to open a business, such as being able to work under pressure and problem-solving skills. Ask them if they’ve ever thought about opening a business. It’s a way for them to have control over their financial future. 

Then, guide them toward resources that can help them financially attain their goal of entrepreneurship. For instance, general loans and grants are available as well as those specifically for veterans to aid in small business ownership. 


Reunite Them With a Loved One

Financial issues rank as one of the most common problems veterans face. But those who served or are serving are also separated from their families and friends. You can bridge that gap by reconnecting them with their loved ones. 


Volunteer at the VA 

Even if you don’t know an active service member or veteran personally, you can still help. VA facilities are found throughout the United States. Search for one in your area and offer your time.  


Drive Veterans to Appointments

For veterans who don’t have reliable transportation, getting to and from doctor’s appointments and therapy can be difficult. It can lead to the individual not getting the care necessary for optimal health and well-being. You can assist by volunteering with the Veterans Transportation Program or another similar organization. With these programs, you drive the person to and from their appointments. 


Connect Animals and Veterans

Animals can benefit people by being emotional support pets. The Animal Rescue Foundation points out that you can volunteer at an animal shelter that provides pets for veterans. You may be able to foster a furry friend or help out at the shelter. 


Make a Difference in the Life of a Vet or An Active-Duty Servicemember

With these tips and ideas in mind, you can make a difference in the lives of veterans, service members, or their families by giving some of your time in your local community. There’s so much you can do to help, from assisting veterans in going back to school or finding work to helping them get to their appointments or reconnect with loved ones.

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