“The Love of my Life”

Sue and Jeremy McVey’s story began in 1997 when Sue courageously slipped a note under Jeremy’s door, asking him on a date. After only a few encounters, they fell madly in love.

Now, almost 22 years later, their love for each other is steadfast. The couple enjoys vacationing at the beach and mountains, visiting family and friends, and attending sports events for their three children: Jake, Katie, and Luke. They continue to make time for each other by walking their dog and catching up on how their day is going. Together, they have raised three amazingly smart, creative, respectful and loving children, thankfully they’ve been mostly influenced by Sue.

With her inspiring and loving attitude, Jeremy says Sue is a tremendous mother to their three children.

“Her giving nature and willingness to sacrifice herself for others is the most admirable trait that she has passed onto our kids,” he said. “She thinks about others long before she thinks about herself”.

A positive and passionate woman, Sue loves unconditionally. She is always giving and never asks for anything in return. She dedicates most of her time to her family and friends and loves to have a good laugh.  

Whether it’s watching a sports game with her family, having wine therapy with friends, playing cards, or relaxing by the firepit, Sue will be there laughing, smiling, and lifting everyone’s spirits.

When she’s away from her loved ones, Sue invests 100 percent of herself to her therapy practice and her clients. She has made an extraordinary impact on not only her clients, but her fellow therapists and always tries to put a smile on their face. 

Not only is Sue devoted and tenderhearted, but she is also competitive and loves a good contest. She relishes in challenging Jeremy to physical activities and is known for racing him – even while pregnant! 

Jeremy adores this aspect of Sue, and says it makes for some comical moments. 

Reminiscing on their early years together, Jeremy beams when he recalls their second date on Sue’s 21st birthday, where she coined him as “her lieutenant”. The story remains an ongoing joke between the couple and their friends.  More recently, she still believed she had a chance in an arm-wrestling competition with Jeremy.  He said, “I love her confidence, as misplaced as it might be sometimes”.

Throughout the years, Sue continues to encourage, love and dedicate herself to every person she loves. Her husband Jeremy cannot express how much she has impacted his life.  

This Valentine’s Day, Jeremy wants Sue to know that she inspires him every day, and that he couldn’t imagine his life with anyone else.

“I truly am a better man having known you. I’m a better person having loved you. You make me a more caring and understanding person, and you are the love of my life.” – Jeremy

“The Love of my Life”: Sue McVey

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