‘You’re Appreciated’: Laurie Lindberg’s family means absolutely everything to her, and they know that

Laurie Lindberg is one of the most fun-loving individuals you will ever meet. She has the most positive outlook on life, and she is creative as well. She is looked up to by everyone in her life, and this comes with good reason.

On top of being an exceptional substitute teacher, Laurie is also a devoted wife and a mother to three girls. She cares so deeply about everyone, and she is as reliable as they come.

“My mom is my safe place,” her middle daughter Emily (19) said. “I know that she will always be there to laugh with me or mourn with me. She is a constant in my life that brings me peace.”

If you are going through tough times, you know you can count on Laurie to be there. She has always been an uplifting spirit in her daughters’ lives, and they have always loved that about her.

At the same time, Laurie is also a great role model to her daughters. All three of them look up to her because she just has that type of personality. She is a mama bear who wants what is best for her daughters, and they all know that.

She has also taught them each the importance of having goals and dreams while also teaching them independence. One thing that is extra special about Laurie is that she treats each of her daughters as individuals, which is something that is truly admirable and important.

“She has taught me to take things slow and pace myself when I get too worked up,” her youngest daughter Ava Kate (12) said. “My siblings have been taught similar things, but she always factors in each of our personalities and what would work best for each of us.”

It all makes sense now that each of Laurie’s daughters had different lessons that stuck out to them. Emily, for example, said her mom has taught her to know her worth and to stand her ground, while Laurie’s oldest daughter Braelynn (22) said she has learned to be kind and to not take life too seriously.

And then there is Laurie’s husband, Larry, who has learned some other life lessons from his wife. Being married to her for as long as he has been has made him a better person and has taught him so much, and he is grateful for it.

“She always has the ability to keep going even in the toughest of times,” Larry said. “She loves her family (animals too) and always shows it.”

No matter what she is going through, Laurie is always there for family with a brave face on. She does not let negativity or bad situations bring her down or define her.

And this makes sense, as she is someone who is constantly helping others see things in the same light. Laurie lights up any room she walks into, and this all has to do with her sense of optimism and her everlasting happiness.

“She has a huge heart and has this incredible ability to see the light even when others can’t,” Emily said. “She is the most uplifting person I know.”

Laurie’s positivity does not just shine a light in the darkness, either. As mentioned before she is an incredibly fun-loving individual. She loves to play practical jokes on people and she loves to have fun.

One of these jokes that comes to Larry’s mind is the time Laurie pulled her brother’s pants down in public. He was wearing a robot costume on the side of the highway, and she decided to pants him. Talk about an iconic moment.

That’s just who Laurie is though. She takes life for what it is and does not fret the small stuff.

“My mom reminds people that not everything has to be so serious,” Braelynn said. “She’s always instigating laughter and brings out the most playful side of people.”

This would explain why so many people get along with Laurie as well as they do. She makes life infinitely more enjoyable, and it is difficult to have tension around her.

All of her family members want Laurie to know just how much she means to them. They cannot imagine life without her, and they are grateful to the amazing woman that she is. She is a blast to be around, and her family hopes she never changes.

“Laurie, your family cares about you very much!! The best is yet to come!” – Larry

‘You’re Appreciated’: Laurie Lindberg

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