‘It’s Like Winning The Lottery Every Day’

When you are married and have four kids, it is assumed that you are a very family oriented person. If you are Blair Kaplan, however, you take this family first mentality to a whole new level.

Blair loves her family so much and has always been there for them. They are her reason why and they are the people that mean the most to her. And her family feels the exact same way about Blair.

“Blair is the most loving and caring woman,” her husband Justin said. “Without her, the house would fall apart! I couldn’t imagine my life without her.”

Life is so much better with Blair in it, and that is because she makes an impact wherever she goes. This runs far past just the impact she has on family, as she is also a hardworking individual who is also a great friend.

Blair’s personality is also off the charts. There is so much to be said about her, as she is truly a one of a kind type of woman.

“She is beautiful inside and out,” Justin said. “She is extremely intelligent. She’s caring. Plus she puts others first.”

Blair is an exceptionally selfless woman. She is constantly putting herself second or third to everyone else, and that is because of how much she truly cares. She cares with all her heart, and her compassion is off the charts.

She is a more than exceptional mother too. Being a mother is the number one priority for Blair, and despite her working a lot of hours at her job, she always has time for her kids. Noa (9), Eli (7), Eden (7) and Asher (3) are her world, and she means everything to them too.

“She balances working full time with doing everything possible for her kids,” Justin said. “She will do whatever the kids need.”

In many ways, Blair is a role model to her children. The way she invests in their lives and is there for them is something super special, and the work-life balance is something they will grow up to learn, understand and appreciate.

For Blair, there is nothing that comes before her children either. Despite all the time she devotes to her job, she would set that aside in a heartbeat to take care of whatever it is one of her children might need.

“She’s the best mother,” Justin said. “She puts her kids first. She works hard to make sure they have everything, even if she has to sacrifice. She makes sure they get to do the activities they want, makes sure they always have play dates and she takes them to events.”

The kids are Blair’s top priority, and the way she cherishes them and the way she is their biggest cheerleader is absolutely amazing.

“She supports them in everything they do, whether they succeed or fail,” Justin said. “And if they just need someone to talk to, she’ll listen. She sacrifices so much for the kids, and for me.”

Justin appreciates all Blair does for their kids, and he also appreciates all Blair does for him. He knows she is his biggest supporter and that she will always be there for him. He is grateful to have Blair in his corner.

Justin loves getting to learn from his wife and witness her greatness as well. He sees how dedicated she is in every facet of life, and it is just amazing to see. In fact, when asked what he admires most about Blair, this is what he had to say:

“Everything! Her ability to balance everything between a very demanding job, kids events and household things. Her intelligence. Her genuine desire to help others and make no one ever feel left out or overlooked. She’ll go out of her way to help anyone, from people she knows to strangers. She’s the perfect person.”

It doesn’t hurt that he and the family get to make great memories together too. With Blair every moment is a moment that is cherished and memorable, but there are some that are just a tad more memorable than the rest. And we’re not just talking about the octopus to the face moment in Bora Bora.

“Every memory with her is a great memory,” Justin said. “Family vacations to Turks and Caicos (twice) as well as multiple cruises. And also going to the park with the kids.”

It does not matter what they are doing, as long as they are doing it together. This is what family is all about, and the Kaplans have a great one because of the matriarch that is Blair. She is their glue and their rock, and they could not do it without her.

“Blair means everything to me. I hit the life lottery just being married to her and getting to spend our lives together and creating the most amazing memories with each other and our kids.” – Justin

‘It’s Like Winning The Lottery Every Day’

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