Gotta Catch Em’ All

The Pokémon phenomenon never dies. We celebrate National Pokémon Day annually on February 27.

This holiday was first introduced in 1996. The word Pokémon came from a Japanese term “Poketto Monsuta” or “Pocket Monsters.”

In 1965, the inventor of the expression “Pokémon”, Satoshi Tajiri, was born and raised in Tokyo. When Tajiri was young, he fell in love of researching different insects and collecting them. He was determined to become an entomologist when he grew up.

Nevertheless, his passion for video games overridden his interest in insects.

He spent most of his young age gaming and learning about the platforms for video games after being obsessed with the game “Space Invaders.” In 1991, he introduced and collaborated on a puzzle name called “Yoshi” with the video game company Nintendo.

Soon after this cooperation, Tajiri brainstormed an idea of designing a brand-new video game, which eventually turned into “Pokémon.”

In the beginning, Pokémon was named “Capsule Monsters,” and it was renamed to “CapuMon”, then “Pocket Monsters” because of the violation of the copyright.

The company Nintendo was impressed by Tajiri’s idea. Later on, Generation I Pokémon Red and Green was officially launched to the public.

In 1997, the first TV series of Pokémon came out in Japan. One year later, Pokémon cards were released, becoming one of the biggest crazes for its fans to trade cards in the 1990s.

Today, Pocket Monsters fans from all over the world celebrate this special day. You probably could see some people go out with their Pokémon customs on. Pokémon has also developed into a worldwide phenomenon for people to enjoy a fun time together.

If you are a Pokémon fan, use today to play with those cute little pocket monsters and share your adventures with others. Don’t forget to show your love for all things Pokémon both in real life and in the social media world.

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