‘You Make Me Better’: Scott’s life was changed for the better when Carla came into it

Carla Reath has been through it all, but that has not stopped her from being the amazing woman she is today.

In fact, the adversity and triumphs throughout her life have turned her into a strong-willed, independent person. Every curveball life throws at her, she knocks it out of the park, and that is just part of why Carla is admired by her husband Scott.

Scott also loves how beautiful and gorgeous his wife is. But more than that, he loves and adores just how well she treats everyone. She is a kind and compassionate soul, and being with her makes him constantly work toward being a better person.

“She is the most giving, generous and caring person I know,” Scott said. “Carla loves music, life, people, travel, beach, sun, sand, family. She’s been beaten by life and stands tall and proud. She gives her all to me and puts up with me. She works endlessly and her people love her. She gets taken advantage of often. Carla never wants or asks for anything.”

Carla is sacrificial with her time and selfless toward other people. She is someone you can always count on to be there for you, and she is someone who is truly appreciated by so many.

As the director of housekeeping at a casino hotel, she has a lot of responsibilities, but that does not phase Carla. In fact, she is a boss that people enjoy working for, and her coworkers look up to her.

As a wife, Carla is constantly looking for ways to make memories with Scott. She enjoys her time with him, and he with her.

As a mother, Carla is constantly checking in on Sean, Ashley and Samantha. She would do anything for them, and she is supportive of them to this day.

On top of it all, Carla has a wonderfully well-rounded personality. She is bilingual, smart, resilient, perseverant and so much more.

“She’s adventurous,” Scott said. “Carla’s willing to try anything. She’s passionate about people, friends, family and really anyone. She always has a smile and a great attitude and positive outlook. She will do anything for anyone… and it’s never about her. It’s always about someone else.”

And despite all the times Carla has not been shown the appreciation she deserves, Scott wants her to know just how much gratitude he has toward her. She deserves the world because of how awesome she is, and he loves her so much.

He also admires so many more things about his wife too. She truly does have a great personality and is a woman of great character, and not enough can be said about her.

“She is resilient, passionate, caring, giving, fun, happy about the silly things and loves purple,” Scott said. “To watch her joy and happiness around others is complete satisfaction to me.”

Seeing Carla happy makes Scott happy. He loves seeing how much she enjoys life and how much she gets out of it. She gets along with everyone, and she is also very silly and funny.

Plus, as mentioned before, she is a wonderful mother. Carla would do anything for her kids, and Scott never wants to step between his wife and her children.

“She is full of acceptance and is giving and understanding toward them,” Scott said.

Talk about an exceptional woman. Carla treats her kids and her husband well and she has a great sense of adventure and humor, and she has so many great qualities.

Every single day of his life, Scott is thankful for Carla. She is his one true love and the person he wants to grow old with. He loves making memories with her, and he cannot wait to see what is in store for their future.

All their adventures have been amazing, and every day with her is truly an adventure. People like Carla do not come around often, and Scott feels lucky and blessed to be married to such a special, one of a kind woman.

“Carla, I love you, live for you, am better because of you and want to be more for you. You’re amazing for all those you care about, and I care for you. You’re the most forgiving, sharing, caring, wonderful person I know.” – Scott

‘You Make Me Better’: Carla Reach

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